Diana : 13 Years On

It’s 13 years today. 13 years since Princess Diana, the Princess the world loved, passed away after that terrible car crash, under circumstances many people are still suspicious of.

But no body could predict the way the world would react to her death.

Within hours there were thousands of people laying flowers at the gates of Kensington Palace. Within days there was literally a sea of flowers. I at the age of 7, remember seeing the pictures on TV of all the flowers and just being dumb struck by it. I had seen on the news communities grieve to events before but I had never witnessed the world grieving for one person, I don’t think anybody had. The grief that everybody experienced took many by surprise, even themselves.

I was Seven. I have sketchy memories. I do remember however visiting Kensington Palace. Me, My Mum, My brother and Kylie (my second mummy). We took flowers, I think. We walked along looking at all the other flowers. Mum and Kylie with tears in their eyes, Me and Rory trying to take it all in, the enormity of it. I know we went possibly even a week after the events. Mum wanted to take us but wanted the crowds to die down. I have memories of sitting on a slope to the right of the palace having a drink and watching all these people bring flowers. Adding to the already mass of flowers that were there.

What occured on that day and in the days and weeks after is what psychologists like to call “Recreational Grief”. It has happened with other high profile names such as Jill Dando (the TV Presenter), Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, 9/11, 7/7, and most recently Michael Jackson. People wear coloured ribbons, organise marches, hold minutes silences. But why do we do it? What benefit do we gain from it? A possibly offensive article in the Independent seeks to explain it. I have warned you.

Either way the world reacted and even 13 years after her death we are still fascinated by her and she still dominates headlines regularly. There are page after page on the web about her life, memorials to her. There are conspiracy theories, headlines of the inquest. And every year we still remember.

The Telegraph, The Time Magazine, The BBC, The Guardian.

Three years ago on this day we went to London, we were going anyway but when we remembered the date we knew we couldn’t not walk over to Kensington Palace. On the way the cars passed us carrying the royals as they returned to the palace following the memorial service. I took some pictures on the day which I thought I would share with you:

The Diana Memorial Fountain. 31/08/2007




An honest expression. 31/08/2007

From Sydney with Love. 31/08/2007


That Sea of Flowers. 31/08/2007

Diana and her boys. 31.08.2007

31.08.2007 – Still thousands visit.

For me though my most prominent memory is this:



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