Why isnt laughter available on prescription?

It damn well should be! 

For as long as I can remember I have loved You’ve Been Framed with a passion, I can remember spending Saturday evenings at my Grandparents house cracking up with laughter with my Granddad while Nanny tutted at the people hurting themselves and doing such silly things. 

As time went on someone introduced me to Jackass. Well I was HOOKED. I have the whole boxset of it and reguarly watch it! I never get bored of that show! 

And then Takeshis Castle, how did I come about that? In a school assembly funnily enough, must have been in year 8 or so. The deputy head played a clip on the projector. I cant remember why. I know he had a moral to his assembly, all I was thinking was “Man I have to watch that when I get in”. And so for a while Takeshis castle kept me hooked.

More recently there has been Total Wipeout on BBC1 and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow. Both of which are just immense! 

Other than the fact in all of these shows people are making a fool out of themselves I have realised that the one common link to all these shows and why I find them amusing is this. The presenters/commentators. Harry Hill on You’ve Been Framed, Takeshis Castle with Craig Charles, Jackass and Jonny Knoxville (Oh man is he hot), Total Wipeout with Richard Hammond and 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow with Steve Jones. All of them, with the hilarious things they come out with just leave me in tears of laughter. Even at times when my depression has been at its worst I’ve been able to muster a smile at these programs.

It’s a well known fact that laughter is good for you yet its not available on prescription?! Why not? Surely it would be a cheaper solution than happy pills and talking therapies!?

Either way heres a few clips to make you smile, they certainly made me laugh!





If you dont have a smile on your face now well… tell me and I WILL find a clip that makes you laugh!


3 thoughts on “Why isnt laughter available on prescription?

  1. I can find the humour in most things and totally love a good uncontrollable belly laugh.
    Totally agree with you on the hotness of Mr Knoxville – could watch Jackass all day long xx

  2. I totally agree that laughter should be widely available – I remember very strangely witnessing a Laughter Therapy Workshop some years ago down in Cork, it was not aimed at Irish people, it was full of very serious Germans and was very structured with scheduled Ha Ha Ha’s. I didn’t know what to think, it was so very strange, I could appreciate that it was very valuable to those attending the workshop and I was very appreciative for the witty friends that I had so that laughter was a regular part of my life and I still appreciate a good laugh daily.
    Laughter truly is the best medecine…..

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