Ready, Set…. GO!!!!!

For those of you that were on twitter/facebook this morning you may have noticed my shameless pleas for sponsorship, they didn’t work but I tried hehe, mentioning that today I was running the Adidas Womens Challenge 5K in Hyde Park for Mind. So why Mind? Well as many people who know me well already know, I suffer with depression. I’m not ashamed to admit that. If I was I wouldn’t be writing about it and featuring in top bloggers mental health carnivals. And so Mind for me made sense. Last year it was rethink. This year it was Mind.

Mind offer a wide range of services including support groups. Something that both sufferers of mental illness and their carers need badly. To know that they aren’t alone. They have a helpline, they run trainings, they campaign. There really isn’t much in terms of mental health that these guys don’t do. And so it was an easy decision.

Sadly I haven’t raised anywhere near as much as I would have liked but I was also vastly aware that a) people don’t have a great deal of cash to spare at the moment, especially with the upcoming tax changes and b) many people sponsored me for London to Brighton in June so its hard asking people twice! Either way if you do still want to sponsor me you can do.

And so back to today. How did it go? Well it went bloody brilliant!

Having woken up at 3am and not been able to get back to sleep till nearly 4 I wasnt hugely confident of my performance but I had learnt a few tips from previous years where I had gone wrong such as not drinking too much in the lead up to the race as you only end up with a stitch and needing the loo!

For the first time in three years running this race Simba came up to watch me. This meant so much to me and really made a difference at 1.5km when I spotted Mum and him screaming me on! Mum told me he was shouting so loud that numerous people kept turning around to see who it was hehe! Thats my boy!

I managed to run/jog most of the race with a few power walking moments, namely “The hill” 😉

This year I knew I needed to time myself. And when I crossed the finish line. It was.

A personal best! I was ecstatic! now I have to confess here, I was running on cloud nine. A few minutes prior to the start I received news of my oldest friend giving birth to her twins after 4 days in labour. I’m going to be godmother to either one or both and I was crying with delight as I read her bbm message. They are in NICU as a precaution and she is in alot of pain and very sore after a difficult natural birth but is already an extremely proud Mum. Cannot wait to see them! And so for that reason running that course felt a million times easier knowing my smiley Simba’s face was going to be at the end and that I would have big hugs from him and knowing that R and her two newborns were safe and OK I was buzzing!

It was great at the end too that Urbanvox managed to finally make it to London ( 😉 ) after missing the start and the finish! But he saw me out of my top and less sweaty! So bonus for him I guess! And I also got to have a quick chat with Cherished By Me, Mummys Busy World and All Baby Advice. It was wonderful to have a quick debrief and a good old chinwag about the fact that NO ONE seems to read the advice prior to the race which asks you to “keep to the left if walking” – how many people do that? Oh maybe 25% and then you have to dodge around them which causes accidents, like the one poor Mummys Busy World had and at this moment shes down A+E getting her ankle seen too poor love! That for me really is a bug bear of this race and I wish the marshals would enforce it somewhat more!

Also have to say a massive Kudos to Great Ormand Street who had by far the biggest amount of supporters around the course than in previous years! Well done guys!


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