Single. A lifestyle choice.

Recently a few people have mentioned to me, so how come your still single?

Well there are many many reasons why I’m still single.

I’m a free spirit. I dont do well having men in my life. I like to do my own thing. To go where I want and see who I want without having someone to answer to. I guess that has come from most of my past relationships being with people that I would consider pretty controlling. And at the time my personality allowed for that control. Those relationships caught me when I was at low ebs and so very vulnerable.

How would a man be able to handle someone who likes to get up one morning and drive straight to the beach, or who gets up one morning and decides to paint the house, or to go into London with nothing but a travelcard. These are the sort of spontaneous things that I do. Alot.

In the evenings I’m used to spending my time relaxing in front of the sofa, with my laptop, talking to my friends. If a guy was here he would expect attention, I don’t give attention very well. If he was to become a husband well he certainly wouldn’t be getting the perfect housewife. No steaks, roast chickens, turkeys, all veggie food from there on in buddy. Housework? Well I do that when I want to do it, not when someone TELLS me to do it. Generally I have a personality of tell me to do something and I do the opposite, or tell me not to do something and I do it.

Thats just me. I’m an awkward pain the arse. I know I am. And thats why I’ve made no effort to find myself a man. There are so few men out there that can handle such a free spirited passionate woman that I cant even be bothered to go looking. I am happy on my own. Its how I have been for so long. In school I quickly identified with my mum how much happier I was when alone than when with other people, so clearly its just me.

Now to somehow conceive another child without a man….


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