Ballard of a fateful day

Following on from yesterdays post regarding the 9/11 attacks my Mum managed to dig out a poem I wrote in Year 8 at school, the year after the day almost. I got an A+ for it, mainly because it moved my teacher so much and I felt it was only right this weekend but to share it with you all. I wrote this aged 12. My memories of that day when I was 11. A day that changed the world.
It was September 11th
A nice warm day
No one in America
Knew the fate they’d face that day

They boarded in Boston
Heading for LA
Two men with knifes
‘Don’t do anything foolish’ they’d say

Another left from Washington
No one knew the terror inside
Many phoned their loved ones
Many tried to hide

United Airlines took t the skies 
Aboard they took control
The plan he’d planned all along
The trade center would soon have a hole

The fourth and final plane of doom 
Upon they cried ‘Lets roll’
They tried to overpower them
But soon they took their toll

At the height of New York’s rush hour
A plane crashed trough the walls
As well as through their lives
The trade centre had to stand tall

While everyone was glued to the telly
A second plane came to call
Through more lives they said goodbye 
And now they’d come to fall

Firemen came to rescue them
Thinking of their loved ones
Up to the skies they went
Their equipment weighing tons

The earth began to rumble
The south tower was to fall
While many were sent to heaven
They’d all heard their call

The public ran and screamed 
The pounding of their feet
Across the bridges and through the streets
Soon they’d lose their fight

Minutes later the north tower fell
To the ground she went
Thousands more lives lost
Millions of kids left with their hearts dent

As the dust settled
The pile of rubble was show 
The fireman and rescue workers tried to count the toll
So many lives blown

September the 12th
We remembered loved ones
For one minute we thought
Our hearts weighing tons

Only a few were pulled out alive
Most were already dead
Many were in hospital
Most were in bed

They named it ground zero
The place where lives were lost
Workers worked twenty four seven
No one could count the cost

Throughout the year
They searched through the pile
All the while families grieved 
All sorts came out, but no one alive

In February they showed their respect
Two beams of light marked the site
A viewing platform was constructed
While Afghanistan were fighting

Many memorials, websites and books
Showed how people would feel
Victims wives lost their lives
The scars would never heal

One year later, we all fell still
Once again we thought
The terrible day relived 
Afghanistan still fought

Soldiers fighting
Hot dessert wars
Families not knowing
If Bin Laden was caught

Many stories to be told
Many families torn apart
They’re all still grieving 
Many were left with broken hearts

We’ll always remember 
Many lives were lost
We wont be safe
Until Bin Laden’s caught

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