Type in “blackberry addiction” into google and within a minute you come up with over one million results. Articles as early as 2006 were detailing symptoms of Blackberry addiction (Daily MailIndependent), admittedly back in 2006 I don’t think I even knew what a blackberry was! But I know at that stage I was already using my phone for using the Internet such as facebook etc.

However this year I finally gave in to a Blackberry. I tossed up the idea of an iPhone but after seeing just how much trouble my best friend has had with hers there was no way I was going to touch one with a barge pole. I had however been admiring my Dad’s blackberry for a year or so and loved the QWERTY keypad which I was used to on my previous Nokia and so I gave in.

And then the trouble started! It really is so addictive.
Having each email account available, separately.
Blackberry Messenger.

The fun really does never end. But that’s the trouble isn’t it, finding the end. I’m the first to admit that my phone pisses me off, I’ve blogged about that before. And yet my phone goes on charge every night, right beside my bed, prior to falling asleep I browse through BBC News and Sky news, have one last check of Twitter/Facebook before I nod off, I cant sleep if I don’t do that. Its a habit that I’m used to. But the trouble is as well that if I wake in the night which I often do, I’m a hideously bad insomniac, its there to soothe me, to remind me I’m not alone, there’s always someone on twitter, or new news to read. But then I only lie awake longer for it. But but but it has a purpose being beside my bed you know! If I have to go into Simba overnight I use the screen as a torchlight! See that’s why I need it!

textbook addictive symptoms – denial, withdrawal and antisocial behaviour – and that time with their families was being taken up with BlackBerry-checking, even at the dinner table. (Source)

 OK so maybe its time to admit I’m a blackberry addict. I’ve been known to check my emails over dinner, I think about 50 words before this I just showed clear signs of denial, I’d like to say it doesn’t make me antisocial but I know a few friends that would argue differently, namely my Mum (who might I add is just as bad with her own phone!). Withdrawal? I don’t know, I guess because I’ve never tried to go without it. I do get tetchy if its not around or if I’ve left it at home. Yet at the same time like mentioned in my previous blog post I HATE the fact people can get in touch with me! Which is why its always on silent, that way its MY choice to pick it up and check text messages/emails etc not the phones for constantly pestering me by vibrating or making a noise.

So go on, hands up who else is a blackberry addict? Or iPhone or anything else addict?


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