Power Rangers RPM – Adult Required!

We were recently sent the Power Rangers RPM Racing Performance Shark Cycle from the lovely people at Toys’R’Us. Now Simba has never seen Power Rangers in his life so the branding side of the product wasn’t something he was in anyway interested in, as far as he was concerned it was a cool green motorbike!

Now I remember the days of power rangers when it wasn’t about having supped up motorbikes, or big guns or anything like that. I remember the days when it was just Lycra and martial arts style fighting. So this new style of Power Rangers with adaptable bikes is all a bit new to me! But we gave it a try to see what we would think and we have quite enjoyed playing with it. Its pretty bland in that its not powered or anything like that so it is all child led and we have found that when you adapt the bike to become a skateboard or, animal etc that the bits come apart quite easily and I don’t know any child that doesn’t play with their toys in a fairly rough fashion so this was definitely not a bonus when Mummy had to keep rebuilding it every two minutes because the handles had come off!

The bike itself can be changed into either the skateboard or into “animal mode” as well as just a standard motorcycle however to change it was quite fiddly and even Grandma took a while trying to suss out how to do it so 4 year olds certainly wouldn’t have the patience to understand the very complicated instruction pictures.

Weather I would be adding to our collection of Power Rangers RPM toys I don’t know, It does of course also show you how it attaches to the Guardian Ranger and the Formula Transporter (Sold separately (Of course)) which of course gets the children asking for them! But as a toy if you are looking for something for a birthday or Christmas present for friends children etc you cant really go wrong when they are currently half price at £6.49 (Usual price £12.98) and suitable for 4 years up, with adult assistance of course 😉



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