Dropping some crazy moves…

I was recently sent the brand new just launched Just Dance 2 on Wii to review. I hadn’t played my wii in far too long so it was a good excuse to get it out and get moving on it again! (I still haven’t faced the dreaded wii fit yet!). So for the past 5 evenings I have been busting my moves and getting some practice in!

Having also got the Just Dance 1 I was looking forward to seeing what songs they would be putting onto this one, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed. With 45 tracks and other tracks available for download you will never be bored! Some of my favourites included Rhiannas S.O.S, Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction and The Weather Girls – It’s Raining Men. A full track list can be found HERE.

There are numerous modes, some of which I still haven’t explored, including single player, duets and a battle mode for up to 8 players and a “Sweat mode”. I think if I’m honest one of the things I most like about these sorts of games is that they are exercise but without you really noticing that your doing it. They are so much fun to do, even on your own cause you cant help but giggle at how silly you must look and after a few songs your needing a sit down and a drink! But its just plain good fun, especially with friends!

Now I guess it wouldn’t be fair of me to talk about it and not let you see me giving it a bash! As well as @urbanvox.




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