An insight to life with twins…

On Sunday after winning some tickets last week myself and my oldest friend went up to Earls Court on Sunday with her 7 week old twins, some may remember me mentioning them before as I am going to be godmum! We arrived around 1130 but didn’t enter the baby show until about 1230 as we had to feed the lil guys in the car first and I got to have lots of snuggles with them. Even at 7 weeks they are still smaller than what Simba was when he was born (9lb 3oz) so I find it really surreal when I cuddle them!

My friend had already told me about the amount of people who comment, stare, stop and talk to you. And I was like “Yeah I remember that when I had Simba”, well no I don’t! It seems having twins literally every single person near enough either stares or stops you to comment.

“How old are they?”
“How much did they weigh”
“Are they boys or girls?” Can you not see that they both have blue socks on? 
“They must be identical?”
“I bet that’s hard work” No flaming shit! Isn’t one baby hardwork? Let alone two!
“What are their names?” Does it really matter? Your never going to see them again!
“Oh look! Buy one get one free” Seriously? They aren’t a possession you know! You don’t go to a shop and buy them! 
“Did you do it naturally?”
“Were they early?”
“I bet you don’t get much sleep”

But its the ones that literally ignore you as a person and simply jab their friend/partner in the arm and go “Oh look at those twins” with no recognition that you exist, and do it loud enough for everyone else to start staring too. We rarely made it past three or four exhibitors before being stopped again. Initially I was like “Aw that’s really cute that they get so much attention” but by the end of the day it was getting tiresome.

However I did have to laugh at the people who start greeting you by going “I know you’ve been stopped 100 times” – In my head I’m thinking “Yep and your 101!” and then continue on to ask you the list of questions!

Its not so bad when expectant twin parents stop you, as that’s fair enough, they are worried about whats in store for them! But its everyone else that just wants to talk to you because they are quite simply nosey.

I had expected that I was going to get an insight into just how busy and stressful looking after two newborns rather than just one would be, yet the boys were impeccably behaved! They slept more aless the whole time we were out and only woke for feeds or changing.

But no it was other people that were what shocked me the most about spending the day with twins. My friend admitted at times she has begun to snap at some people and to be quite honest I’m not surprised, I know I would! I found it hard enough when the odd granny stopped you in the street going “Oh look at that little one, what a cutie pie” but when theres SO many people, who are literally shoving their heads in the buggy breathing all over them, touching them, pestering with questions I think I would definitely reach breaking point.

I had thought I would LOVE to have twins, but now I’m not so sure. I don’t do attention well. I prefer to keep my head down. But no matter how much you do that people still stop and start asking the questions all over again….

How did you find the attention of the newborn?


3 thoughts on “An insight to life with twins…

  1. I got loads of attention when my daughter was a little baby and I loved it which is strange because I don't usually like attention like that. In fact me and hubby would be really gutted if we went out and nobody talked to us. LOL! And I have a friend who has triplets! They are two now but I imaging they'll still be attracting lots of attention for years!

  2. Ohh I remember those days so well. I am pleased that now my girls are older they do not look alike and people have stopped talking to us all the time! A quick shopping trip would take hours when they were newborns – literally! lolMich x

  3. Its strange I feel for your friend as I remember when my twins were babies and the constant flow of questions:My favourite was always are they idenitical? – i have male/female twins……But they are 4 now and no one pokes their head in my pram any more to gaze at my two beautiful babies and I surprisingly miss it. In face with the gender difference and considerable height difference most people dont acknowledge they are twins at all.Jane

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