Review: Muddy Puddles Clothing

Some may remember that a while ago we reviewed the TP Boat Sandpit? Well when they sent us this they also kindly sent me some new waterproofs for Simba who had outgrown his previous jacket and dungarees.

TP were very sweet and sent over the Original DS1acket and Original Waterproof Bib and Brace and I’ve got to say they are solid products! Simba loves nothing more than outdoor play, especially in puddles and mud except he detests getting wet and dirty! That of course creates a slight issue! However when we went out the other day in his full get up of DS1acket and bib and brace he was completely and utterly protected from all the water and mud that he jumped in!

What I like about these especially is the material feels strong. It feels like it could hold up to a great deal of stress that children can put them through! So far we have had no leaks and I like the fact that the shoulders are seam free to ensure that there arent any leaks.

Muddy Puddles clothing (TP Toys) also do a winter range and a summer range. If I’m honest I wish they did these bits in adult sizes! Most of the stuff they do are everyday essentials that as a parent you need for your kids.

Thank you very much to TP and Muddy Puddles for sending us these bits over! They are fantastic and I have no doubt that they will manage the winter and everything Simba will put them through! Thanks very much!



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