Tangle Tamer from Denman lives up to its claim…

Now Simba doesnt have long hair so when this popped through my door I thought, hmmm not going to have a great deal of effect on him. However Mummy does have long hair and often goes to London and comes home with it all horrible knotty and tangled, this makes it extremely painful to brush out and even as an adult I’ll admit it can bring a tear to my eye trying to brush them out. I also remember what it was like as a child having to have your hair brushed after a bath, or swimming, or just generally! I used to have very wild hair shall we say! And I was a big tomboy so having nice looking hair didnt exactly appeal much! So I can hardly blame children that cause a stink over having their hair brushed because I damn well remember the pain! Lol.

The Denman tangle is made of super soft nylon that flexes and glides through the hair, minus the catching or dragging! With its air cushioned rubber pad it makes the brush lightweight and sleek. Coming from a top brand such as Denman you can be pretty certain this product is a safe bet! I have to confess it has now been put into my handbag its so brilliant!

Its the ideal size for handbags, swimming bags, gym bags etc and great for all ages and lengths of hair! Its so soft that Simba has even let me brush his hair a few times! Something that rarely happens!

Available from boots price at £6.07 or online at Denman Brushes.

A brilliant product that I wish had been around when I was young! Kids of today! Spoilt they are! 😉



One thought on “Tangle Tamer from Denman lives up to its claim…

  1. So pleased I read this review! My daughter Noo has terribly tangly hair and it is the source of much disagreement! Saw this brush in Sainsburys but wasn’t sure whether it would live up to its claim so I didn’t buy it. Will definitely be going back and gettiing it now!

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