A new Filofax generation…

If you’ve followed me on twitter for a while then you may well be aware of my secret obsession with Filofax. Well when the opportunity landed in my inbox to go to an event at one of the Filofax stores in London I was hardly going to turn it down was I? More like grab it with open arms!

So the evening arrived and we headed up to Oxford Circus and strolled along to find the gorgeous looking Filofax store in a very posh part of London it has to be said, I was like 😮 at half the designer names along that road!

We had a great evening drinking Champers (Orange Juice for me the non drinker!) and eating canapes whilst having some great chats with some of the filofax staff who were telling us about the work they have done with some bloggers previously as well as how they are trying to tackle the men’s market more with filofax.

And then one of the ladies gave us a very quick introduction into a new product they have launched called the “Filofax Gourmet Gift Box” which is currently a web exclusive offer. So why “Gourmet”? Well in the gift box you will find a Gourmet Society Dining card which gives you tons of amazing discounts and offers in a huge number of restaurants all over the country. You also get a very sleek gorgeous chrome pen which fits perfectly inside the organiser. It also comes with “special ‘lifestyle’ diary and papers, everything you need to balance work and play including party and outfit planners, top takeaways, shopping lists and even a little black book to rate those dates”

So today I found some time to sit and organise my new organiser and you can only but imagine how much I was almost wetting myself with excitement at some of the sections I discovered! In our goodie bags we were given the City Dweller pack and after chatting with one of the lovely ladies she got me the “Family Organiser” pack too bless her! So here’s a quick run down of what you can find in both.

City Dweller:

Week on One page, Notes, Personal information, Family member information, Pet information, Home sweet home, S.O.S, Sports and Clubs, Dilemmas, Addresses, Birthdays and Anniversaries, Travel Itinerary’s, Party Time, Budget Sheet, It’s a chore, Shopping List, To do, Ruled Notepaper, Expenses, Websites, Commuter games, Envelope, Outfit planner, Personal MOT, Fitness plan, Little black book, Top takeaways.

Family Organiser:

Week on One page (With colums for each family member), Addresses, Babysitting information, Birthdays and anniversaries, Budget Sheet, Dilemmas, Family member information, Home sweet home, It’s a chore, Meal planner, Party time, Pet info, Personal info, School days, Shopping list, S.O.S, Sports and Clubs, To do, Travel Itinerary.

I literally went through it all squeeling! It is soooo cool! Even if you cant afford a new filofax, next time you need new inserts, bloomin well get one of these! They are just amazing! Some of my favourite sections are:

Dilemmas (Both the above)
The Food shopping lists (Both)
Meal Planners (Family organiser only)
Personal MOT pages (City Dweller only)
Fitness Plan (City Dweller only)
and get this. OUTFIT PLANNER (City Dweller only)! How cooool! 

I absolutely cannot reccomend these packs enough, especially the family planner one, you really do have everythng you need as a mother! 

So there you have it. I am in love with Filofax, what can I say. But absolutely if you need to give someone the ideal gift for xmas to get them sorted and organised in their life, and they are a food lover, then this box is for you! Currently it is £38 (Was £43) so get it while you can

Thanks so much to filofax for hosting their event on Thursday evening, was great to see @verybusymama and to meet the filofax staff who we had a few great fascinating chats with!


5 thoughts on “A new Filofax generation…

  1. omg, if only you knew how jealous I was! I have a filofax but I would kill for another one! or more than one…omg, they're all so amazing!

  2. I am so not speaking to you now *tut* It's a lovely Filo and a perfect colour :-DI was invited to this event but had to decline because of the venue (darn, it's hard being a Northerner!). Do you follow the Philofaxy blog?http://philofaxy.blogspot.com/ Great articles on there – I've been featured a few times too. They've just highlighted the new personalised diaries – I'm SO buying one of those!!

  3. Wow a friend with a fellow filofax obession. I love them, I really do get excited about having a new one. I love the look of the family organisers one, could really do with that with the amount of actitives my girls do. They certainly have a better social life than I. xxx

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