Review: Zingo Bingo!

I am not going to deny when I pulled this out of my the Toyologists box it filled me with dread! I straight away picked up on the bingo theme and had visions of lots of little balls rolling all over the place and making a complete mess!

However that wasn’t the case! Its a completely innovative way to play bingo and great for all the family! I cant deny that there’s been a few competitive games between adults! It gets nicely competitive too because of the way the game is designed. All boards have two sides to them, a red and a green. Green is much less competitive, red is more competitive. So if your playing with competitive children you can make it easier by playing green!

Completely innovative game and one I would thoroughly recommend to family and friends to buy. Great price too at £12.99 @ Toys R Us. If you like this idea why not check out some of Think Fun’s other innovative ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Zingo Bingo!

  1. I feel like a superstar staring in the opening of your video… ;-)and totally look like a telesales dude… LOL!LOVED Zingo tho…and God… you can be competitive!!! Can't wait for the next match! 🙂

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