Technology vs Paper and Pen

Some of you may have seen my blog post about the latest filofax that has come out. Well whilst at the Filofax event last week I got discussing with one of the ladies just what we used our filofaxes for and why we havent upgraded to technology.

So here’s what is in mine.

  • My diary which contains any appointments along with all my deadlines for my degree.
  • My address book
  • Birthdays, anniversaries and other important dates.
  • My monthly outgoings
  • My notes section which I use for anything and everything including noting down creative writing ideas and blog posts etc.

Now dont get me wrong its hefty to carry around sometimes and at times does have to get left at home because its just too big but most of the time its with me. It has my life in it. If I lost it I dont know what I’d do.

In recent months my Mum has taken to not using her physical diary so much and now records everything on her phones calender. This is all well and good except for one minor point… What happens when you lose your phone? Your phone is our of battery? Your phone breaks?
Thats all your appointments, phone numbers, etc that have just vanished into thin air. And lets face it how often do we all have one of those things happen to our phones? Quite often if your me! Which is why no time soon do I plan to move on over to using technology to record everything that my mind cant remember.

It may be a hefty chunk but its my personal baby my filofax. I adore it. I wouldnt be without it and dont ever plan not to be! Simple.

Do you have a diary? Is it paper or technological?


17 thoughts on “Technology vs Paper and Pen

  1. I can't get next to electronic gizmos for this sort of thing. Need a paper diary I can flick through and mark up my working patterns in advance. Luddite? Moi??

  2. Surely you pre-empted me responding to this post? I have a calender on my phone but hardly ever use it – possibly when I need a little nudge with a reminder alarm. I rely on my filofax (and simple pen and paper) to remember stuff. The simple action of writing it down is sometimes enough :) – this is the post, very similar to yours, that I wrote back in Feb 🙂

  3. I do have to write stuff down. I'm very visual in that respect and the act of writing it seems to help with that process. Always been like that. I haven't often used a diary in recent years, more a calendar but I got one of those Organised Mum diaries over the summer and I'm using that a lot. I do use my Outlook calendar to put in things to remind me as I set the reminders to pop up on my PC but the basics are written down. Like you say, if your PC or phone breaks, you've got nothing. A friend of mine uses her iphone for everything but either puts it in wrong or misses the reminders when busy with her kids so forgets LOADS. That is a big big technology fail.

  4. I too prefer a paper record and use a diary, I have so many appointments etc that I couldn't manage without one. The phone is very fiddly to put in appointments etc I find 🙂 Jen

  5. I moved from Yahoo calendar back to a paper diary a couple of months ago and I can't believe how much easier it is to see what lies ahead in the week!It's also much more fun booking appointments somehow…

  6. Me too – I like to see everything in front of me, flick back and forth – have it physically there. It's much quicker and easier, and so much more 'direct'. As you say, I've damaged too many phones to do it any other way.

  7. Mine is absolutely paper and I plan on it staying that way. I know it's now considered outdated and that technology can do wonderful things but nothing compares for me to that good ol' in the hand paper diary.

  8. Paper diary for sure. I always have my Filofax and notebook on my bag. I have the phone apps but I don't trust them. I love my Filofax xxx

  9. can't beat a paper and pen! I use my filofax diary/notes/etc AND my blackberry calendar which syncs with google calendar and facebook! Basically, I keep my ass covered! lol!

  10. Paper diary for me too! I just trust it more and I like being able to flick through the pages to see what's coming up and even what I've done already.

  11. Definitely Paper and pen!!!!!I've used a paper diary for my whole life… just easier to organize myself if I can scribble and draw etc etc etc…been using the iPhone as organizer for the past year or so… and it's just soooooo not the same… great for dates and alarms etc… just not for everything else…

  12. I always use my phone. Mainly because I always have it on me and it's easy to carry around but also because I can set alarms to remind me to do urgent things before it gets too late. Plus, I can easily move my 'to do' list to the next day when I don't manage to finish it all (every day!!)

  13. Can't live without my DodoPad which is definitely the best diary I've ever had. Occasionally use the one on my phone for reminders and recurring things like whether my OH is on early or late shift (alternating weeks so handy to be able to look up for future planning) but having a one page grid for all appointments and events and the other page for notes, doodles, ideas, bits of accounts, etc is brilliant.

  14. I'm an accountant in practice and I've tried every kind of electronic aid and PDA, but only paper and pencil (always pencil in my diary) can keep me organised. The only issue I have a problem with is task management – I have a *lot* of recurring tasks coming up and different intervals, and I find MS Outlook useful for these….but I wish I could absorb them into my Filofax in a systematic way. My BlackBerry is an *excellent* address and contact book with searchability that no paper system could ever get close to – but for my diary it has to be paper

  15. davidpopely,For reoccurring task, I have a typed sheet I place in my paper planner to help me remember all those repeat items I mustn't forget. I have it arranged by week and by month. Only have to remember to check it at the start of your week and you're set.

  16. The new Filofax diary layout is going to be idea for me – week on one page, notes on the other. And it's not badly priced either 🙂

  17. I was for a while a huge Palm user for 5 years then switched to iPhone. That's when I knew I had to convert back to my Filofax. Oddly enough, it's the weight of my Pocket Filofax that I find appealing as it reminds me that I have accomplished a lot! I even credit it for helping me stay focused on losing weight since I was able to systematically record and track all that I've been eating and calories that I've been burning paired with a chart I improvised on a quadrille paper that looks exciting everytime I drop a pound or two every week.Plus, as a financial book, I'm able to stay within budget simply by tracking all my expenses and getting reminded of how I sometimes spend money on junk. I almost never forget to pay my bills on time too. That's just to name a few of its wonderful functions.I love my iPhone without a doubt but when it comes to organization, it's Filofax that serves as the "operating platform" of my life.

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