I hate christmas…

Is choosing Christmas presents! I’m sorry but it had to be said! I cant stand it! I worry that the person wont like it and I spend ages wondering if they will and then trying to read their body language as to weather its what they wanted or not and if they really like it or are just saying that.

But today I’ve discovered a helping hand! A brilliant website which helps you whittle down those gift ideas for your loved ones. Called 15gifts the site asks you a few questions and then searches through tons of boutique shops etc to give you 15 choices, if you don’t like those choices you simply click the x and its replaced with another choice! The website is smart and learns from others choices to help it adapt and give better suggestions. So I thought I would put it to the test and see what it came up with for yours truly.

Choose your occasion
Searching all the stores
Suggestions for gifts, so very me!

One thing I loved was that you are able to connect to your facebook account and it will take details from there of the friend you are buying for. For myself though I didn’t use this, so I was able to select female, 20 years old, select my likes, select my budget, select the occasion. And hey presto it brought up a whole range of suggestions.

Now I have to confess I think I will be using it when it comes to those difficult people to shop for such as my brother and Dad who I can just never find things for that I’m happy with! This website is going to be a lifesaver I think!

As part of their launch they have started a competition called “Send us a picture of your very worst Christmas gift and win the very best!”

You could win a gift worth £200 from their website. Click here to enter.

Now I have to be honest here, I don’t think I’ve ever had a present I could call the worst. But what about you? Have you had a worst present? 

Deadline for entries November 26th 2010.



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