Bigfoot – The Big Suprise

A while ago in one of our Toyologists boxes arrived “Bigfoot” I took one look at the thing and shoved it in the cupboard. And then when I looked at my sheet and saw that it retails at £99.99 I pondered weather maybe it was half decent.

So last week whilst wrapping Simba’s birthday presents I came across it and decided it could be an extra present on the day. And so Bigfoot emerged from the closet and was wrapped and ready to go.

Saturday was the big day for Mr Bigfoot and he was opened as one of the last presents. After some quick construction from The Uncle he was ready to go. So before I tell you our thoughts on him heres a few quick facts about him.

  • He is made by Fisher Price.
  • Comes with a rechargeable battery for Bigfoot himself. (Remote control requires AA batteries)
  • Has more than 80 actions and phrases including his own language. 
  • He walks, sleeps, does gymnastics, forward rolls, throws his ball. 
  • He has emotions – Angry and Happy.

So that gives you a little idea of his capabilities. I’ll let you watch the video of him in action too:

BEWARE: May scare animals and young children. 

Now I will admit when I first saw the box, and then the price, I was sceptical. A animatroinic monkey. Hmm. Guide price £100. I could buy all my xmas presents with that money.  But. Excluding the price, this monkey is absolutely brilliant. As you can hear on the video my son loves him and is constantly laughing and what Bigfoot gets up to. He loves being able to make Bigfoot chase after our cats and go to sleep. Watching bigfoot is fascinating as his facial expressions change along with everything else, right down to his nose twitching and his eyebrows moving! It is a really cool present. However because of the price I think it is definitely a luxury item. Would I have brought it if it hadn’t come in our Toyologists box? No way, far to expensive on my budget. But maybe your a little more well off than I am and are looking for something fun and interactive, if so then this is the toy for you.

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2 thoughts on “Bigfoot – The Big Suprise

  1. I actually saw this in ELC and he's on sale just now half price. Though don't know whether I should say that seen as it's a toys r us post, but every little helps (plug tesco now too LOL!). Wee Z looked at him and was like wow Mummy look at that! He's pretty funny looking and would most certainly scare my cats too LOL

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