A new weightloss revolution – Thinking Slimmer Slimpod

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Thinking Slimmer
is a new revolutionary way to lose weight which I am currently trialling. Created by Harley Street experts the Slimpods are based around 10 minute hypnosis’. There are seven different catergories to choose from and within those there are various “Pods”. I chose the “Weight Loss for Her” catergory which gave me the choice of:

1 – Drop a dress size
2 – Drop two sizes (or more)
3 – Be a belle of a bride
4 – Wow them at the wedding
5 – Keep weight loss going
6 – Keep weight off for good

 7 –

Slip into your party dress

I decided that I would go for “Drop two dress sizes (or more)” as it fits in best with my goal. And so after a nice easy download I was ready to go. So for the next 21 days I will be browsing the Thinking Slimmer website which is full of useful resources as well as keeping track of my progress in my handbook. I will also be trying a few of the recipies they have on their website, although sadly there isnnt a great deal of variety for vegetarians but I have found a nice looking Mushroom Soup and Mushroom risotto.

And so now for my final task, to make my “Contract” public, thus giving me more of a push to keep on track etc. So here goes:

My contract with myself:

I will achieve my goals of
1. I will take my son and his bike around the local country park at least twice a week.
2. I will start running again, and this will get easier and more enjoyable as I lose weight.
3. I will sign up for another 5K race.

and I will achieve them by this date:

1st Jan 2011

I agree to follow all the rules of
the Thinking Slimmer method so that it’s truly successful.

I will listen to my Slimpod for 10 minutes a day every day for 21 days then for as long as it takes.

Miss Must-Get-Off-Her-Butt-Glenister
Date. 1st December 2010

Further information: Slimpods cost £24.99 each and include 13 weeks’ free VIP membership to the Thinking Slimmer club which gives full access to resources on food, fashion and fitness including an exclusive Recipe Club with more than 50 pages of healthy recipes. Visit www.thinkingslimmer.com for more information.

2 thoughts on “A new weightloss revolution – Thinking Slimmer Slimpod

  1. Thanks for your great feedback about us not having enough vegetarian recipes at ThinkingSlimmer.com. We'll act on that as soon as we can. If anyone has any favourite veggie dishes they'd like to share, then email them to me at Sasha@ThinkingSlimmer.com and we'll put them on the site.- Sasha Carr, Thinking Slimmer Recipe Club.

  2. Really weight loss treatment is very painful and time taking process. So i have avoid of junk foods and regularly doing some walking and jugging.

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