New Generation Photography from Kodak.

Scary Ice Skating Elf! 

Date: Wednesday 24th November.
Location: Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
Assignment: To test out Kodak’s new Picture from Video machine.

On a lovely brisk bright Wednesday morning in Central London, with the threat of snow looming we arrived at Hyde Park to be greeted with delicious pastries and lovely hot wet drinks and juice to get us set for the day ahead. We got chatting with the lovely staff from Kodak and Ketchumblepon London (Some of who are climbing Kilimanjaro next year!) who explained the technology behind Kodak’s latest photo booths and showed us some examples of the stunning images you can create including collages, including one of the “Scary Elf” (See image). We were also very kindly given the Kodak Play Sport to keep and to use whilst we went Ice Skating and sampled some of the rides in the park.

Having used a flip camera since July the Kodak Play Sport took me by surprise because it has more buttons and options than the flip which I had initially found almost “too” simple. The Kodak Play Sport can be used up to 3meters underwater and The Gadget Show managed to drop it out of a helicopter and it still worked, so to me it sounds like the perfect camera for a mother of a very boisterous pre schooler! With HD capabilities the image quality is quite frankly amazing and this especially showed when we played with the Picture to Video booth as the images you are able to grab from the video are much sharper than those from cameras without HD or with lower resolutions.

So other than talking cameras and photography what did we do? Well Kodak kindly treated us with the opportunity to go Ice Skating in Winter Wonderland, a prospect that scared me quite frankly witless. I had never been ice skating before, although I’ve wanted to go for a while! I can proudly state that I didn’t fall over once! WHOOP! Ok so the first 3 or 4 circuits I clung to our Ice Guide for dear life, I could swear I was squeezing his hand harder than I ever squeezed my sons fathers during labour! I was petrified of falling over! Eventually I managed to let go and very tentatively made my way around the edge of the rink, one hand firmly in reach of the side! By the end of the hour I was managing to skate solo just about and hadn’t stacked it, I don’t think any of the group did infact, we all had some near misses! Especially @Urbanvox who got really cocky having been taught how to skate backwards by the Ice Guide and then promptly nearly landed on his backside! Sadly he didn’t! A poor young lady though, not with our group, did stack it and big style, her legs literally went from underneath her and she landed flat on her back with her head hitting the ice first, everyone heard the extremely loud THUMP as she hit the ice and I’m pretty sure she knocked herself out for a few seconds the poor girl. Needless to say that’s exactly my biggest fear when it comes to ice skating and I’m so relieved I didn’t fall on Wednesday.

Urbanvox and his attempts to fall!

After we’d come off the ice, all feeling quite stiff and walking rather funny and trying to skate on dry land, yes ok well I realise now that it doesn’t work! He he! We then headed to the rollercoaster to be filmed using the Kodak Sports on there! Whilst there we spotted Billie Piper on the coaster with a friend. We then all split up for a while so we decided to seek shelter on the big wheel seeing as the capsules are heated and all! Afterwards we headed back to the serpentine cafe to create our collages of the footage we had captured on our Play Sports, I created a absolute masterpiece which I have named “Urbanvox and his near misses”. Looks good huh?

The lovely Kodak girls then treated us to a spot of lunch while we all had a good chat before we headed home through a very chilly Hyde park back to the station.

I’ve got to admit the technology behind the new booths is impressive and I love the amount of customisable options there are, you can literally position the images exactly where you want them and how. You can crop, zoom, reposition, you can add text. I can also see these collages being great for framing for Grandparents and relatives at Christmas. Although the cynical part of me wonders how many people will actually use this service. Cameras of today are getting better at “Capturing the moment” with faster shutter speeds enabling even the hardest of subjects to be caught, i.e. children and sports. However I understand that not everyone has access to digital SLRs and for that reason I think there is defaintely a market for the new technology, especially for parents. Ultimately as well with how huge youtube is these days you cant deny that video is taking over the world with cameras such as the Play Sport making it simpler and more accessable to even the most technophobic individual.

Another advantage of the “Video Snapshots” is that it will be available in selected Boots and Kodak Express stores at exactly the same prices as you currently buy your prints and collages for, no extra cost.  Which I will admit did suprise me as there is no denying that normally if you are getting something extra/new/diffferent/innovative, then you have to pay for it! However not in this case which is excellent.

So keep an eye out next time you are in Boots and want to print off some piccies, maybe there is the perfect snapshot in one of your video cameras!

For those wanting to see my terrible attempt at ice skating check out the video below!


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