Black and Decker Workbench

Apologies for not updating our toyologists reviews recently. Both of us have been under the weather! But we are back on track now and reviewing in full force! So we are back with the Black and Decker Power Tool Workshop.

Now I’ll be honest, I saw this and the dread washed right over me, I was going to have to build this, with lots of little pieces that would need going together and no doubt complicated instructions that would be hard to follow! Well thankfully, guess what? I got out of that job! My brother put it together in around an hour on Simbas birthday.

Now we had a work bench type thing before which my Mum had got from freecycle a year or so ago, but it was looking seriously worse for wear! So when this was put together all shiny and new with things to build including the bird house well needless to see it outshone the old one!

I love the variety of things there are to do on this workbench! Theres the vice, a drill, hammers, nails, screws, a saw, a drill, alsorts! Simba is in love with it and spends hours banging away like his Uncle the builder does. He thinks its fantastic. So far it has withstood everything him and his 6yr old friend have thrown at it without it falling to pieces so I am pretty darned impressed. I’ll have to admit being something made all out of plastic I wondered how the quality would be but it is really good quality and I suspect will last a good few years.

Definitely a product I would recommend and if you are after one for xmas well check it out at Toys R Us at the moment as they have £20 off! Its now down to £39.99!



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