Review: MJ: The Experience

When an email landed in my inbox asking me if I’d like to review Michael Jackson : The Experience I jumped at the chance as it sounded pretty fun and my knowledge of Michael Jackson is well next to nothing, I was only born in 1990 after all!?

So last night we finally got around to having a boogie on down to his hits and I have to say I was relatively impressed by it. Not as impressed as I have been by some dance games but it was good. It is its own game afterall.

The Dances:
Many of the songs you have the option to either dance as Michael himself or as one of his backing dancers, often Michael being the harder option and the backing dancers easier. I have to admit though that even the “Easy” was at times quite hard, possibly more because the screen layout is a little bit confusing and I found it difficult to tell what was coming up. The only flaw I also had with some of the songs was the repetitiveness of the moves, at times you were performing the same move for what felt like a good minute or so!

The Songs:
Now as I’ve already said I am not great at Michael DS1ackson trivia however there are some great songs on the game including:

• Bad
• Beat It
• Billie DS1ean
• Black or White
• Earth Song
• Smooth Criminal
• The Girl Is Mine
• They Don’t Care About Us
• Who Is It
• Workin’ Day And Night
Alot of the songs feel like they are full length songs, which suprised me in a way, I expected shorter versions, on a few songs I gave up after a while as it got somewhat boring and tiresome repeating over and over again.

The Graphics:
The Graphics are pretty ace on the game, although Michael DS1ackson is faceless, which somewhat surprised me! More because he literally did look like a ghost with his pure white glowing oval! The dances though are shown well and if your a backing dancer it is highlighted as to who you are supposed to be following which was helpful.

Would I pay the r.r.p of £34.99?
No way would I pay £34.99 for it, I enjoyed it and it was good, however being DS1UST Michael Jackson I found it somewhat boredom inducing after a while. I would be happy to pay around the £20 mark but to me £34.99 was just a bit too much for this game.

Disclosure: Item received free in exchange for this review. Please see Disclosure Policy Here.


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