Top Tips for Xmas Decorating.

1. Don’t drink before going up the ladder to put the angel on the tree.

2. Don’t drink whilst trying to decorate the house, it only aggravates arguments.
3. Play festive music and try to oversee your partners decorating flaws such as them not following your colour code.
4. If all else fails, claim the children did the decorating!
5. Once you’ve resigned yourself to “The children did it” lie, THEN start on the alcohol!
Ok so not really! But Notcutts have come up with some top tips on decorating your house and these include:
  1. A Christmas Wreath: Buy one which you can then add to, half the job done then! You can get some reasonably priced ones which are decorated and then you can add your own things to it as well such as cinnamon sticks, dried oranges, dried berries etc.Next challenge is putting the thing up, if your like me and have a really awkward door this will be hard to find a door hanger that fits, however tying it to your door knocker with a nice red ribbon will work 😉
  2. Festive Stairs: This is something I really miss about not having a Bannister. Adding lights and foliage to the stairs, it keeps the theme going throughout the house this way. We used to wrap tinsel and beads around the Bannister along with the lights, it looked lovely!
  3. Fairy lights: Who doesn’t love fairy lights? I’m sure the answer is nobody! I love the things! They can go EVERYWHERE too! Currently my tree is covered in them and I have a set of string LED stars I brought from Tescos for £4 which are battery operated hanging between my wall lights, but I plan to get more believe me! Another tip if you have a decorative fireplace (IE you don’t use it for real fires) put some tinsel and lights inside. My Mum has done this and it looks amazing! Other great places are hung from mirrors, over doorways and outside they can go in tree’s, over porches, along the fence? DS1ust make sure they are suitable for outdoor use before you do this!
  4. Table Centrepiece. Now personally if your me, a candle and a large one at that is the best thing as far as I am concerned, why? Because then you can upset your mother when your Uncle shows you how to set the wire balls on fire that came off the crackers! HUGE fun! 😉 But for those with less pyromaniac tendencies how about coloured baubles in a glass vase? Or maybe a single fern stem in three of four tall votive’s? Or even more Christmassy how about Berries and twigs in a glass jar?
  5. Decorate the mantelpiece: Now Annoyingly, like the stairs, I don’t have a mantelpiece. However today I am doing my Mums! YAY! How about choosing your favourite foliage and tie the end with string first, then ribbon. Place flat on your mantle and then add your berries for a Christmas feel? Using flowers can also add colour and elegance . Or you can also drape your photos, vases and ornaments in beads or tinsel.
Notcutts themselves have tons of stunning decorations and lights for your every desire and alot of Notcutts centres also have a Santa! We visited yesterday and although tickets to see Santa were £5.99 the children were able to choose their own gift from tons of options (my darling son chose a nice noisy keyboard! god help me!) and Santa spent a reasonable amount of time talking to us, although my son wasn’t hugely chatty back. I was also able to add to my Christmas attire some gorgeous LED flower twig lights, similar to these, which I plan to use all year round!
If you are after any hints and tips on how to decorate Notcutts have also got a youtube channel feature two videos, how to decorate the tree, and festive dining. Worth a look if you are stuck for ideas!

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