Toyologists : Tonka Trucks and Automobiles

As part of the Toyologists program we were sent a range of Tonka trucks suitable for ages 4+. There are tons of different toys in the Tonka range, which range in price from £10 to £90. The idea of the Tonka “Mod Machines” that we were sent is that you can customise them, you can change the positions of the wheels etc.

However as my father discovered on Simbas birthday customising these toys is easier said than done. He spent a good near enough two hours trying to adjust the wheel height, and since then I have to admit that Simba hasn’t batted an eyelid at these trucks. He loves constructing things, if they are on his terms, however with these there are obviously limitations and I think thats why he isnt so keen.

If I am honest the age suggestion of 4+ suprises me, I would have said 6+ to be quite honest as they require a reasonable amount of concentration and determination to sit and build and construct the trucks. For big kids however its one way to keep them quiet for a while! Certainly worked with my father 😉



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