Disney Cars: Leapfrog Tag Storybook Tipping Tractors

A while ago we were sent along with the Leapfrog Tag Reading System we were sent the Leapfrog Tag Disney Cars storybook. (Currently priced at £12.97)

This year I introduced Simba to the film cars so when he spotted the book he immediately recognised the characters and wanted to read through the book. I was excited too as I love the film but also the tag reading system and how it enables Simba to “read alone” which he loves to do.

What I like about the book range with the Leapfrog Tag system is that the books are all from popular programs and films etc such as Dora the Explorer, Tinkerbell and of course Cars. Seeing as children watch all these programs usually it helps engage them with a book if they can relate to the subject.

This book itself is for ages 4-8 years but its good for adults too 😉
Disclosure: Product received free. 
For further info please visit my disclosure policy.



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