Snazaroo Face Paints

When we went to the very first event for Toyologists Simba surprised me by having his face painted, I was amazed as he rarely sits still for more than 30 seconds! However he did and so when we discovered Snazaroo Face Paints in our first Toyologists box part of me was filled with dread and another part excitement.

Grandma is a very experienced face-painter so Simba was quickly nagging her to paint his face and he’s had an array of designs since then.

I have to admit the one thing I am really pleased with is that they havent caused any flare up’s on his skin. He has mild eczema and often cheap face paints etc can cause flare ups on his skin however we didnt have this problem with the snazaroo paints and his skin was clear. They also wash off pretty well without leaving stains on the skin.

Great fun but be prepared they will want to paint you too!

Disclosure: Product received free. 
For further info please visit my disclosure policy.


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