Beyblade – Worth the money?

One of the many products Toys R Us sent us in 2010 was the Beyblade stadium and Battle Tops, perfect I thought as something that a 4yr old and 6yr old could play together.

Now my first bone of contention with this product is the “Stadium” priced at £9.97 it is simply plastic. And when I say plastic we arent talking child resistant plastic, we are talking the type of plastic you get as packaging in toys! So quite simply it splits very easily!

You then move onto the Battle Tops which there are numerous ones to buy all which are priced around  £7.97 which I would say is defaintely a fairer price than spending £10 on some plastic as these are pretty solid however the instructions on how to construct these are bare minimal and it was only with the assistance of a six year old who had already played them that we were able to suss out how they work.

Once constructed the boys had hours of fun with this but I have to say I was extremely dissapointed by said “stadium” I would not be happy if I ordered that online and it arrived on my door as no more than some packing plastic.

Disclosure: Product received free.  For further info please visit my disclosure policy. Photobucket


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