Thinking to the year ahead…

I’m not a great fan of “New Years Resolutions” I’m one of these people that believes they are designed to set up for failure when you tell yourself your going to do XY and Z during the year, how many people break their resolutions by the end of Jan!? Quite a few! That’s not to say though that I dont set myself goals but I aim for smaller goals rather than massively unrealistic ones!

I don’t have many personal goals I am aiming for this year but I have a few blogging goals and a few photography goals too. So here goes:


  • Blog for me. Continue to write from my heart and not for anyone else. 
  • Continue to read all the wonderful blogs I currently follow and continue to discover new ones. 
  • Continue to write articles occasionally for various websites. 
  • Attend Cybermummy 2011.
  • Dont be afraid to express opinions. 
  • DONT let blogging take over ones life. 


  • This year focus on my favourite subject, people and families. 
  • Aim to complete a 365 challenge (Which can be found here)
  • Join in with various photo challenges and contests on other blogs.
  • Try to take part in the 52 week challenge taking a picture a week of oneself (Inspired by Picture Motherhood)
  • Enjoy my photography. 

What are your blogging targets?


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