Giving :: Time

There are many things you can do when it comes to “Giving” and charity. But one of the most valuable things I believe you can give is your Time. Of course even with the term time there are many ways you can give your time but ultimately the word volunteering comes into it.

Sponsored Events

Marathons, Triathalons, Climbing mountains, Swimming seas. All of these require your time and dedication to train for the big day, so not only are you giving your time at the main event but you are before as well. Your giving your time when you go looking for sponsors too.

Event Support

All events such as the London Marathon, London Triathalon, The Moonwalk, to name but a few, require huge amounts of volunteer power. People to hand out water, marshall, sign in, security, cleaners, first aid. At events such as the London Marathon smaller individual charities also look for people to become part of their cheer team, they provide you with the materials, such as Tshirts, Banners, with their logo on it and all you have to do is cheer on their runners and give them encouragement!

Giving time to charities

During 2010 I volunteered in a Cancer Research charity shop down the road from me. Twice a week I would spend the morning there doing various jobs including sorting through incoming goods, sitting on the till, organising rails, pricing amongst other things, including making the tea and coffee of course! Charity shops though arent the only way you can help charities, they often need Marketing assistants, Press officers, Accountants amongst other professions, they will often advertise on So maybe you have a special skill and a few hours to spare? Why not contact your local charity and see if you can help?

Not only have I volunteered in a charity shop, which I really miss but unfortunately preschoolers present nursery hours make it impossible for me to be able to offer any time but in the past I’ve cycled the London to Brighton, dedicating Sunday mornings for 6 months prior to getting out on the bike. Having done it 3 years running this year I am taking a break! But I have to say it is the most rewarding thing knowing that your effort of cycling 54 miles through wind, rain, sun, pain, blisters, sore bums is all worth it when your kind friends and family donate to your chosen charity.

So next time you think you have not got anything to give because you cant afford too, think about the time that you could give, the skills that you could give. There’s no such thing as having nothing to give!

This post was written as part of Josie’s Writing Workshop.


5 thoughts on “Giving :: Time

  1. I’m doing a 5K run for the first time this year. I’m practically allergic to exercise so this is a really big thing for me! I’m glad you’ve recognised the time people give, because I think that’s often overlooked and in many ways much more valuable than a monetary donation.

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