Debbie Rushs Bulge Buster Workout

Now not being much of a Coronation street fan I have to confess I didn’t know who an earth this woman was until I did some digging around online! So for those of you that don’t know Debbie plays Anna Windass, a worker in Roys Rolls. Aged 44 she has recently transformed her body after some pictures of her came out which horrified her.

Dropping from a size 16 to an 8 in just four and a half months her DVD claims to be able to give you these amazing results too. Now I haven’t been able to review the DVD for four months and try and achieve that so I cant vouch for those claims itself but what I can say is its a blooming good workout and you can feel your muscles aching afterwards.

In the DVD Debbie is very down to earth and you get a glimpse of someone who is a real person, not just a celebrity. An extra on the DVD is of Debbie’s story throughout her weight loss journey and its good being able to see her body as she slims down, proof it wasn’t just some secret weight loss surgery I’d say 😉

There are SEVEN sections to the DVD ranging from Bums and Tums to Cardio as well as a warm up and cool down for safety of course! You are able to customise the routines for you and choose the sections you would like to work on, so if your target area is your legs you can do the Legs Circuit.

You can buy Debbies DVD on Amazon currently priced at £12.93. There is also a Facebook Page where you can read others experiences of the DVD.

Disclosure: Product received free.  For further info please visit my disclosure policy.


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