Hovis :: Stop that snacking!

Now I’m a sucker for chocolate. I do literally have the sweetest tooth on the planet. I have at LEAST one chocolate bar a day, sometimes more, not good I know! But I am vowing to cut that down, maybe just every other day 😉 ok no really I’m aiming to just as a treat on occasions!

This morning I heard about the Hovis Stop Snacking campaign, they have created a really cool app on facebook which you can use to set your goals, mine being to “Leave the lid on the biscuit tin” and tosave money! It then brings you up some really cool recipe ideas such as Zesty Beans on Toast and Peach Melba toasts! But the best bit? Just by “liking” and entering a goal you are entered into their DAILY prize draws! Yesterday was a spa day for 2 (Why didn’t I see this earlier! drat!) Today its a pair of Christian Louboutin Décolleté Shoes! How nice would that be?

I’ve always tried to buy wholemeal bread, but sometimes I’m a sucker for the good old white stuff, it just tastes so much better! Thankfully because we chop and change all the time preschooler isnt fussy as to what bread he has which is good and seeing as we currently have a brown loaf in I think I might just try one of the recipes for lunch!

If you want to have the chance to win one of these gorgeous prizes and learn some neat recipies why not check out the Hovis Stop Snacking Facebook page! Easy peasy!

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored.


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