Thinking Slimmer :: Update

So you may remember back at the start of September I posted about the Think Slimmer Weight Loss program I was going to try out. Well now its time to review it.

My contract with myself was:

I will achieve my goals of
1. I will take my son and his bike around the local country park at least twice a week.  > Have managed mostly. 
2. I will start running again, and this will get easier and more enjoyable as I lose weight. > Havent yet done due to injury. 
3. I will sign up for another 5K race. > Am planning to sign up for the Race For Life this year. 

and I will achieve them by this date:

1st Jan 2011

I agree to follow all the rules of
 the Thinking Slimmer method so that it’s truly successful.

I will listen to my Slimpod for 10 minutes a day every day for 21 days then for as long as it takes. > This I have managed

Miss Must-Get-Off-Her-Butt-Glenister
Date. 1st December 2010

Overall I have noticed a significant difference in my eating habits. Generally I am someone who can literally eat for England and that is no word of a lie! Take me to a pizza hut buffet and I can polish off 3-4 plates of food normally. However since I’ve been listening to the Slimpod, which I’ve been doing in the evenings and falling asleep too, I’ve found I walk past the chocolate bars, turn down the second portions, leave some food on my plate. Things I would not have done before! 

Have I lost any weight? Well I’m not one for weighing myself, I don’t own a pair of scales and I don’t believe in them. I go by body shape and clothes fitting etc. I haven’t changed clothes size at all but I have noticed that my clothes are looser on me and fit a lot better. In general I’ve noticed I’m choosing healthier meal options and eating less takeaways. So the system definitely does something! 

Will I keep using it? Definitely! I am not a fan of faddy diets and denying yourself foods that you love/like etc just to lose weight. This is a much healthier way to lose weight and fits in easily with your lifestyle. It is what you make it and you will get out of it only what you put into it. 

Would I recommend it? I certainly would, but only to those who believe i
n it. If you dont believe in it then it is not going to work. 

Disclosure: Product received free.  For further info please visit my disclosure policy.


One thought on “Thinking Slimmer :: Update

  1. Well done you. I have read great things about this so bought it myself. I have done two weeks and not noticed any difference at all…yet. I keep hoping. Not weighing myself either but clothes definitely not looser, if anything they are tighter. 😦

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