In 2011 I will…

One of my favourite bloggers Notes to self plus two has recently started a new linky, now I didnt partake in Week 1 as my post had already been mentioned and already answered the question but this week that is not the case so I thought I would throw myself out there.

Week two: What do you want for you in 2011?

Now personally I really really hate the word “Want”. I generally find that if you “Want” something you usually end up getting let down. But there are things that I hope for. Now initially I was about to start typing away and then realised my train of thought was completely missing the point of the linky, and that is “I ❤ Me” doh! Ok so this is going to be hard but I’m going to do this about mwah.

  • I hope to maintain what is now a very different friendship with one of my best friends, for the first time since we met 3 years ago we are both in relationships. No longer is it just “us”, no longer can we just jump in the car and go out for the day like we used to, there are now two gentlemen to consider. It has changed our friendship but I think we are doing ok at the moment. My oldest friend and I have managed for a good few years now since she met her bloke so I’m sure I will find our ground with my other friend, its just a very “new” thing for our friendship.
  • I hope to be able to keep making time for my Mum. I know me getting in a relationship one day was inevitable and we both knew the day would come where I would be less reliant on her and her company and I know she has maybe handled that better than I have since last year but I am determined to keep making time for our girly time together, this week we are off to the theatre together and in December we saw Diversity together so its just about making the time and putting the effort in.
  • I want to continue to not care what others think of me, its something I stopped doing a long time ago anyway, when I was around 14 when I realised with my so called “friends” that no matter what I did to them it was wrong, so I gave up caring and just did what made me happy. I think that attitude is what saved me from being bothered by the looks, slurs and stares of being a teenage mother. I am determined to carry that on in 2011, I guess you could say its my wall.
  • I will continue to make me time. Over the past couple of years I’ve learnt a lot of important lessons about parenting, not least that I am a MUCH better parent when I have short bouts of me time during the week. Weather its just to go for a jog around the block, walk to the library, go for a swim or sometimes even just have a bath those little moments of time when you can just stop worrying about every little thing really help perk you up again!

So those are my hopes and wants for 2011, why not pop over to the linky and see what other Mummy Bloggers are aiming for in 2011…


4 thoughts on “In 2011 I will…

  1. Hold on tight to your relationship with your friend and your mum. It is so easy to get lost in being “a couple”. To enjoy each other so much, that you accidentally screen the rest of the world out.

    Things have changed, but it is really important that the people close to you continue to connect with you, as an individual, and not just you as part of a couple.


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