Motivation where for art thou?

Some may remember that I am currently studying with the Open University. I have done for a few years now. 2008 I studied two starter courses, 2009 I studied the OU’s only Photography course and this year I am studying the first courses of my degree.

Over Xmas we were allowed a 3 week break, that break has managed to kill off all my motivation. I’ve really struggled to get back into the swing of things since Xmas. Moving blogs has been taking up alot of time and I’m the kind of person that likes things done, now, rather than gradually over time so I’ve wanted to get as much done as possible as quick as possible rather than dragging it out, however that has meant often when preschooler is at nursery its easier to spend those two hours doing blog stuff than it is to pick up the books.

I should be at a tutorial this morning however after putting my back out last night I’m sat in bed feeling sorry for myself and moving very tentatively.

This week I also made a descision, to change the degree I’m doing, I’m going to go from doing a BA Youth Work to a BA in Childhood and Youth Studies which will give me more options than a Youth Work degree will. I’ve always wanted to work with families in a childrens centre type setting etc and this would be the ideal qualification. In the long run as well it gives me more job opportunities that are term time only, enabling me to be at home with preschooler during holidays than the youth work degree would. The best part of the change as well is that the two courses I’m currently doing still apply to the Childhood and Youth Studies degree which means I haven’t wasted a year!

But still I have to find the motivtion from somewhere to finish these courses. I have two TMA’s coming up both due in at the start of Feb. One which is on an interesting subject so I’ll have no issue writing that but the other is a subject I’m not so fantatical about, meaning its more effort to pick up the pen and write it.

How do you motivate yourself with things you don’t really want to do?


8 thoughts on “Motivation where for art thou?

  1. Erm, I thought I should comment on this as you know what I’m like with writing assignments! However, what sometimes works for me is I try to think about how good it feels to hand it in! I really love looking at all the words and how organised a typed assignment looks, weird as it may sound. Also I often find as soon as i pick up a uni book to read and dont put pressure on myself to write the actual assignment, I can sometimes get really into it.

    Anyhoo as you know very well I am the worst at getting assignments done and its always easier to give advice than take it hey?! Lol. I hope your back frees up a bit soon. If you’ve wrenched it out I have found in the past that you need to rest, let it recover. The muscles have probably gone into spasm. Plus, I want to see you tomorrow!!! hehexxxx

  2. how about promising yourself a prize if you do it???
    but really making an effort to reward yourself with something ONLY if you do it??
    kinda works for me… that is… if I get the reward afterwards… of I don’t it just frustrates me…
    but hey… that’s me… 🙂

  3. I think the trick is to constantly remind yourself of your vision. There are times in life when we want something, but are not keen on the process to get to it. Kind of like getting fit, but you don’t like exercise, or you want to have another kid and all your kids were by fertility treatment-you want the kids but don’t want the process of the treatments.

    In this case, remind yourself what the degree will open up for you and where you see the degree’s benefits in the future.

    That should do it.

    Good luck.

  4. That’s the one problem with the OU option. I started my Psychology degree with the OU 5 years ago. 2 years in I had to stop to help my aunt look after my uncle but promised myself it would just be the one year I missed. I still haven’t started it up again!

    I used to make myself do an hour a day, I used to set the timer. I’d get everything I needed (plus a cuppa and some biscuits) and then study for the time. If I was in the swing of it I’d carry on, if I not then I’d stop when the timer went. Some days I had zero motivation but I could manage an hour!

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