Review: Lotus Olbas Tissues – Cold Heaven!

A couple of weeks ago a lovely PR offered me the chance to review Lotus Olbas Tissues, with gorgeous vapour release. As preschooler constantly has the sniffles I thought they’d be a great idea to give them a try.

This weekend however they came into their own when the whole household was struck down with colds! The three of us spent the weekend getting through tissues like our life depended upon it! But the saving grace was the gorgeous smell that these tissues release. With menthol, eucalyptus, juniper berries and cajuput these tissues smell amazing and also help you breathe easy! The smell is only released when you crush the tissue and quite frankly it is just lovely! It makes a real difference when your feeling so terrible to have some lovely smelling tissues to hand! I hate the effort of putting an olbas burner on when I feel unwell whereas these give you those gorgeous olbas vapours without having to leave the comfort of the sofa! Preschooler thinks its brilliant being able to crush a tissue and sniff it! So much so he emptied my whole box and used the tissue box as a home for buzz lightyear! Mummy wasnt happy!

These tissues are available from all good supermarkets priced at £2.29.

Disclaimer: Product received free for purposes of review.


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