Simply Hayley Bump Due Aug 2011

Well yep as the bloke so eloquently announced on Friday I am currently cooking a bun in the oven as they say.

Currently I’m 13 weeks and 4 days. Due date is 10th August however as it will be a planned c-section following my previous birth it will be around 38 weeks making it the end of July.

As many will know who have read my blog for a while back in 2009 I suffered a miscarriage which made me very tetchy and nervous during this pregnancy. As I was still under my Dads companies private insurance till I was 21 (2 weeks ago) I was able to see my gynaecologist immediately and he arranged an early scan to find out which uterus the baby was lying in. We discovered at that scan that the baby was in the left which made me more anxious as the baby i lost in 2009 was in the left.

So although it was a relief to see there was actually a baby there and we werent going mad it also made me more anxious to every pain and twinge but it just meant I listened to my body even more in terms of resting.

Finally on 31st Jan we got to see the baby again, once again I had convinced myself something would be wrong and the pregnancy would end, but we were relieved to find out that infact there was a very fidgetty and uncooperative baby in there.

It took her ages to be able to get them at the right position as they were facing towards my back when she first scanned me so after some vigourous jumping up and down, tilting of the bed etc we eventually decided on the internal scan and there they were! She struggled to take the measurements as they kept moving around but eventually she did placing me at 13 weeks rather than the 12 weeks that I thought I was.

So this week after finally telling all those that we wanted to tell prior to announcing it to the world we have been able to share it with you all.

I’m finally feeling human again this week and am able to sleep less which is a relief, I’ve actually managed to go out and do stuff in the afternoons rather than be comatose which is a nice feeling.

Many thanks to all those who have sent DMs and tweets of congratulations they are much appreciated believe me 🙂


8 thoughts on “Simply Hayley Bump Due Aug 2011

  1. wow what great news especially after the bad news from amanda holden today good luck sending you my wishes and congrats again …….. i love hearing baby news

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