Review: Robe-Around from Sporty Bump

Now no giggling but seeing as this is my second pregnancy I have found that my stomach is expanding rather earlier than it did with my first pregnancy. Swimming is currently one of my only forms of exercise due to my increased risk of miscarriage so when the opportunity arose to review a really quirky and innovative towel how could I say no?

So what is this innovative towel? Well its Sporty Bumps Robe-Around! A towel that is designed to cover up your modesty even when your the size of a whale, which if this baby grows anything like my son did then I’m expecting to be again! The towel has a unique double pleat meaning that your modesty remains protected even when your nearing the end of your pregnancy. No more of that triangle you end up with around your bump when using normal towels!

Even better as this is something I have never managed to learn, there is a brilliant velcro fastening meaning that your not going to do what I have a hideous habit of doing and losing the towel gradually as you walk! Not fun! But the velcro means this doesn’t happen!

Now I bet your probably thnking that for such an innovative idea it is going to cost you the earth? Well actually its not! At a very reasonable £20 I think that can be more a less classed a bargain! Maternity wear can be SO expensive I was really surprised when I saw the price these are retailing at.

So if your like me and would rather not risk baring all to the local gym bunnies then check out Sporty Bumps website for the Robe-Around and other great maternity wear!


Disclosure: Item received free in exchange for this review. Please see Disclosure Policy Here.


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