Review: Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow

"Retroflower red" - Cover

Now any woman who has had a child will know that pregnancy and sleeping are two things that sadly do not go very well together. I spent the first 12 weeks sleeping tons, however was I comfortable? By around 9 weeks I wasn’t and really struggled to get to sleep especially when in my bed! But then a solution came along! The original THERALINE Maternity and Nursing Pillow! When it arrived I was thrilled to see what a stunningly gorgeous cover it has on it! Mine has the pattern pictured but there are TONS that you can choose from so put it this way, its not going to look like some dowdy maternity pillow! These look funky and cute!

I was straight away struck by how light the pillow was and on further reading of the instructions included I found out it has a micro bead filling. This I have discovered makes it extremely comfortable to wrap yourself around in any position you so wish. For me I have always been a side sleeper and so I have now been getting beautiful nights sleeps with this pillow along the length of my body with one part between my knees as I find they get really sore otherwise and the rest supporting my body. However you can also use it if you tend to sleep on your back, which is obviously bad for you during pregnancy, and want something to stop you from rolling onto your back.

However once your pregnancy is over that doesnt mean you need to put your cute pillow in the back of the cupboard or give it away! It can then be used as a nursing pillow to support your arms and take the strain off your shoulders and neck. Obviously being a few months off having a babe in arms I havent yet been able to try this but I’m hoping that this time round with the help of this pillow I’ll last longer with breastfeeding!

The cases of the pillow can be washed at up to 60° so even if you end up with baby sick etc all over it you need not worry!

I’ve got to say that this pillow already has been a complete sleep saver for me and I’m only at 15 weeks so its got a long road yet before it will be finding a new home!

You can buy the Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow from their website in a wide range of designs from £44.95 at Theraline UK Shop.

Disclaimer: Product received free for purposes of review.


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