Everyone smiles in the same language

I woke up this morning and checked twitter on my phone as I always do. As I scrolled down I noticed a distinct theme, people mentioning Japan, Tokyo and Tsunami. Immediately I turned on the television to BBC to find out what everyone was on about and before my eyes were scenes of biblical devastation. Its hard to come to terms with such terrible scenes so soon after New Zealands earthquake. At lunchtime I sat with my Granddad watching the 1 o’clock news and even he admitted that this was on a scale he had rarely seen in his lifetime, for him to be speechless really says it all. The images of cars and huge boats being swept inland are horrific. But these images certainly make you feel extremely grateful and lucky at our present situation, we have a roof over our heads, we have clean water, we have food, we have electricity, all things that for many people across Japan they don’t have right now.

Its all too easy when these disasters happen to sit and get caught up in the global grief that events such as these start but its not healthy to always reflect on the negative aspect of things which is why I thought it would be a good idea for me to think about the things I am grateful for this week, including the above obviously!

  • Hearing Jelly Tots heartbeat this week. I got a monitor on Tuesday off ebay which has meant I was able to listen to them kicking and wiggling around, they are blinking hard to catch their heartbeat and generally you just hear them kicking it! However later that day i had the midwife and she heard it loud and clear 🙂
  • I’m grateful for preschoolers love of water. I don’t ever remember being afraid but it was certainly something I didnt always enjoy. We’ve been this afternoon for the first time in ages and he swam 8 lengths of a 20m pool with only armbands! First time without a rubber ring! I was amazed he kept going but he is tired now!
  • I’m grateful for one of my oldest friends, she rocks. We went to Dirty Dancing on Tuesday and it was great to spend an afternoon/evening with her! We had a nice leisurely dinner which was lovely. She’s always been there for me and preschooler and unlike many of my friends she really understands his personality and can see why I do/say certain things as she has seen the evidence for herself.
  • I’m grateful for my lovely telly that Appliances Online kindly gave me which means when preschooler wakes at 6am I am able to turn the TV on and roll over and doze while he watches Cbeebies till he wants his breakfast!

What are you feeling grateful for today?

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

 Disclosure: Television received for free in exchange for review.


4 thoughts on “Everyone smiles in the same language

  1. I am grateful for my family two lovely children and a gorgeous Grandson plus another on the way. I Love my family with all my heart and always hope I am there for them when they need a Mum, grandma or friend.

    I am also grateful for my job and life in general.

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