Review: Ping and Pong – SPLASH!

Recently I saw a tweet online looking for bloggers to review a new childrens book, it was from Amy Trevaskus who has written the book which is stunningly illustrated by Alison Heath who is extremely talented!

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This book is based around 3 key characters, Lucy, Ping and Pong. Lucy is your normal girl who likes to spend time with her friends and family doing things such as going to the park. Ping and Pong live in the Grandfather clock in Lucys hallway, they are small and fit in her pocket.

In Ping and Pong SPLASH Lucy, Ping and Pong have gone to the park when it starts to rain, Ping and Pong show different personality’s throughout the book and you can see that their individual characters have been developed well.

I won’t spoil the story for you but it is an extremely sweet book based around friendships and imagination which I think there is nothing better than to develop in children. Preschooler himself has a vivid imagination and I love that this book focus’ around that.

The pictures are absolutely stunning and I could have easily just looked at them without reading the story but of course preschooler wouldn’t allow that!

You can buy Ping and Pong Splash from the Ping and Pong Website HERE. Preschooler and Mummy loved this book and we hope there are more Ping and Pong books to come!

Disclaimer: Book received free for review purposes.



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