“Nobody puts baby in the corner”

Last week me and my best friend had the opportunity to go and see Dirty Dancing on stage in London. We had been invited by a PR company as part of International Womens Day and I had jumped at the chance as I have always wanted to see it on stage.

Now I have to confess, being a mere 21, the film has never interested me greatly! I’ve always been of the mindset that its an old film! And so I could remember bits that I’d seen but not the whole story, and of course I’m familiar with all the songs.

So after a nice wander round some shops and a bite to eat we headed to the theatre where we bumped into Carol and Nova who had also come along. We grabbed a drink from the bar and then sat down in some fantastic seats it has to be said! We were in the second row of the dress circle. Seeing as I had forgotten my glasses it was ideal because it meant I was able to just about see ;-).

I wont spoil the show for you but it was quite simply amazingly awesome and wonderfully brilliant! There are some extremely talented dancers in the cast and the flexibility of their bodies was just … wowza! With the flexibility comes muscles and with the muscles came raging pregnancy hormones 😉

The music was fantastic and the dancing was just amazing! Ray Quinn still has an amazing voice as did many other cast members.

We came away buzzing with the songs in our heads and dreaming of “DS1ohnny”… those muscles …. mmmmm! So glad Mum is desperate to see it so looks like I’ll be going again soon yay!

But if you want to go and see it then you best get your backside into gear because it leaves Aldwych Theatre in DS1uly! Well worth the money and well worth the time! If you like the film then damn well go and see it because its fantastic!

And if nothing more that groin, butt, biceps and chest will be worth it, I promise 😉

Dirty Dancing Facebook Page

Dirty Dancing Website

Disclaimer: Tickets received free.

Me n B in our seats


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