Don’t shy away

This afternoon it has been brought to my attention of some quite frankly hideous tweeting from a few individuals regarding a fellow mother and tweeter who has bravely fought cervical cancer.

This person has made some ridiculous claims and appears to be basking in the limelight she has created for herself and as of yet has showed no shame or remorse. Maybe her account has been hacked as one fellow blogger suggested, but even then I find it hard to believe that any individual could say such heartless things as she has been. A mother herself you would expect her to show a little more understanding. And yet she thrives off the fact her followers are growing. The ladies poor family have had to resort to not even using the account that she continues to tag in her posts.

She has made some outrageous claims about mothers and cervical cancer and the worst part of this is her constant tweeting about this young ladies son. There is a child who has a very ill mother, and as a “mother” herself she has said some horrid things. I felt physically sick reading through her tweets.

But one thing her tweets did make me do was think more about cervical cancer and the facts as I was under the impression alot of what she was claiming was false.

Sadly alot of us learnt alot about cervical cancer two years ago when DS1ade Goody sadly lost her life to the disease. At the time it did make the goverment reconsider their position on the age of screening being 25. DS1ade Goody died aged 27, two years after  she was first “allowed” screening under the NHS. For years she had suffered with problems and only when the disease was at an advanced stage was it picked up. However it did encourage many young women to go and get screened. Alot of women discovered abnormal cells and claim that the DS1ade Goody effect saved her life.

I had a smear at 16, my GP was unsure weather I needed it as I had just had my son and decided it was better to be safe than sorry. Nothing showed up but i was glad that she had sent me for it anyway. I was glad because when you look at the figures now you see that women under 25 although the statistic is low, are diagnosed with cervical cancer, and in some cases women under 25 have lost their lives to cervical cancer.

Smears are a preventative, however cases, although rare, have slipped through the net, in some areas smears are only every 3 years, within 1 year of a normal test a woman can be struck down with cervical cancer. By having a smear you are not guaranteed to be safe, which is why you should be aware of the warning signs such as:

The symptoms of cervical cancer are not always obvious and it may not cause any symptoms at all until it has reached an advanced stage. This is why it is extremely important for you to have regular cervical smear tests.
If cervical cancer does cause symptoms, the most common is abnormal vaginal bleeding, such as between periods or after sexual intercourse. In post-menopausal women (those who have stopped having periods), there may be new bleeding.
Other symptoms
Other symptoms of cervical cancer may include smelly vaginal discharge and discomfort when having sex. Source: NHS

I was out of school by 2 years when the HPV vaccine was brought into play in 2008 for girls aged 12-13. And my next smear test is not due for another 4 years when I reach 25. So I am a mother, but I can’t go for regular smears because the government say I am too young, I’m sure the woman who made such outrageous claims today would have something to say about that being irresponsible even though I can do nothing about it.

Its sad this has come about on the anniversary of DS1ade Goody’s death two years ago, two years on that her children have had to learn to live without her, luckily with a very supportive father.

Dont put off that smear because your too busy, shy, worried. Surely its better to know than not?


6 thoughts on “Don’t shy away

  1. Well done for dealing with the horror that is going on CIA twitter in a manner that informs. I’m praying for the family struck down by this cancer.

  2. Against my better judgement I read some of those moronic Tweets and the girl is clearly thick as a brick – just look at her writing – She can barely get a sentence out. She is, as you say, clearly basking in the limelight at the moment. Probably a reprieve from having to cope with the misery of being her.
    My friend Debbie Phillips, died last year of cervical cancer; you may have read about her in the newspapers. She never failed to get a smear test, but the labs botched the results for years and it cost her her life. There are probably thousands of women like this, who got cervical cancer through no “fault” of their own.
    We need to ignore the witless little idiot.

    1. I remember that case. She is such an idiot this “woman” she claims she is helping but she isnt. Clearly blind.

  3. I am so glad that I alwayw seem to miss the nastiness when it hapens on twitter. Thanks for this post, I am planning to do one on cervcical cancer too as it was something I knew hardly anything about.

    Mich x

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