The decline of unisex baby clothes…

Now from the moment we knew I was pregnant I declared that we would not be finding out the sex. I didn’t find out with Preschooler, although his father walked out of the 20 week scan having been the one who didn’t want to know and declared he saw some “bits” between the legs! But either way although we expected a boy due to my bump etc we didn’t know for certain. That was in 2006 and buying neutral coloured baby clothes wasn’t a problem then.

It’s now 2011 and shops no longer seem to stock “unisex” for newborns to the extent that they did in 2006, I am constantly being faced with pink or blue, nothing in between. Does no-one keep the sex a surprise these days? Alot of my friends have expressed shock when I’ve told them I’m not finding out the sex. “But you cant buy all pink or all blue!” some have said. No we can’t buy all pink or blue but we can go with the traditional route, the route parents took years ago when they couldn’t find out the sex and so white/cream/yellow etc were the only option.

But it seems the retail market is against me. There is very little out there for unisex unless you want plain white baby grows and vests. I walked into Primarni the other day expecting to get a few nice yellow/cream baby suits. Guess what, none.

Some places still seem to stock unisex including Next although when you go to their online page there is no option for “Baby” it is just “Women/Men/Girls/Boys” but when I typed in “unisex baby” in the search box it came up with 30 or so items including this uber owl and dungarees set. However when you look at the URL and where it is categorized again many of them come up under “newborn boys” or “newborn girls”, why no unisex?

One store I’ve found that seems to excel when it comes to stocking unisex colours of baby clothes is Clothing at Tesco. Browsing there website I have been able to find numerous outfits in unisex colours such as this Disney Roo dungaree outfit, their Roo top and trousers and their Roo Four Piece set which their PR very kindly sent me last week as part of their 20% off all baby lines promotion. She also kindly sent the Roo Towel and Sleeping bag to match.

So at the moment having scouted around most of my high street stores it looks like this bump will be kitted out in Tescos baby clothes until we know weather they are a pink or blue baby! That or unless some of the stores start stocking more unisex clothes!

I guess in this day and age with technology being as advanced as it is many people choose to find out and buy specifically for the sex of their baby. But surely there is still a demand for the traditional parents too?


75 thoughts on “The decline of unisex baby clothes…

  1. Well my baby is now ten years old so when I was expecting it wasnt allowed. Though I remember the scan lady saying oh well you will be able to pass clothes on. I was devestated not because I was having another girl a healthy child was my desire but because they had spolit my surprise.

    I’m excited with you, though agree I’ve been looking at baby clothes and there really isn’t many neutral clothes. Xxx

    1. We didn’t find out, we thought all the way through my pregnancy that I was carrying a boy and when i delivered it was a girl. It was so nice to not find out! All my friends have but it’s a nice surprise after everything you go through. Bring back unisex clothes! Mamas and papas did a unisex range aswell.

  2. I asked when I was pregnant with both my children. Didn’t spoil the surprise knowing it would be girls, made it easier to pick names, and hand down the clothes for the 2nd one.

    The TU range at Sainsburys have a range of white/cream clothes for babies, along with some lemons and light greens. They sell their range in store.

  3. We found out but that’s because we had lost ‘bump”s big brother at 21 weeks just 5 months previously and I needed to prepare emotionally if this one was to be another boy – which he was 🙂
    Having said that, if I ever fall again I’ll certainly find out… I’m too much of a control freak not to lol! mx

  4. My wife and I ummed and arghed alot, then decided we did want to know.

    At the scan the sonographer didn’t ask us whether we wanted to know or not, did the scan, said it was healthy and started to wipe the goo off. It was only because my wife asked that we found out – and even then she said “its either a boy or she’s doing something strange with her umbilical cord” (which led to me thinking of him swinging it round like Frank Sinatra!).

    I was a little shellshocked TBH – I’d been hoping for a girl – but I soon got over it and now have a wonderful happy little two year old!

  5. I found out with both my boys as im soo inpatient! Although i’m not sure i will do with number 3 when we get round to ttc. Can’t decide!! I can see why people don’t, but i’m not sure i can wait!!

  6. we didn’t find out with any of ours (3), although if it wasn’t for my husband being so adamant I would’ve found out….I’m glad I didn’t now though, it was a nice surprise each time (Boy, Girl, Boy)

  7. We decided not to find out with any of my three. I “knew” my first would be a boy, and was less certain with number two, but again was another boy. With number three didn’t want to find out, but the sonographers asked if we wanted to know at 12 weeks(!) so guessed it must be another boy for them to be able to tell so early on! If we ever go for number four, wont find out again until birth as I like that baby has some secrets until then! But I do hate that ut is so hard to find cute unisex clothes.

  8. I didn’t want to know last time or this time I like to be surprised play the guessing game, and hear what other people predict too. I have bought all White again for next few months -love a baby dressed head to toe in White 🙂

  9. By the way, we bought all natural colours, and a few blues etc, because I don’t mind my girl wearing blue, but wouldn’t really put my boy in pink. We bought a lot of purples, reds etc – just and whites. Many whites. In the end, people gave us LOADS of clothes and all in unisex colours, so they are out there, you just have to look carefully behind the stereotypical colours!

  10. I found out the sex of both my children,But i didnt believe the 2nd time round when i was told i was having a boy as it was said in the scan by the lady ‘so lardy darr’ like it was nothing special so thought she may have made a mistake,But no along came a bouncing baby boy so was lucky enough to have one of each sex.I dont think i would want to know the sex if i had any more babies lol 🙂

  11. With our child I wanted to find out, but my partner insisted it would spoil the fum of waiting. I must admit looking back that he was right, it was such an amazing feeling after going through labour to have a surprise to look forward to.

  12. I was told they couldn’t tell me the sex of my baby, only if there were difficulties/medical reasons, which I thought was odd. Everyone else I knew that was pregnant at the same time, said they were asked if they would like to know the babies sex?! :/

  13. I did’nt find out with my first 2, but did with my 3rd. It was lovely knowing and being able to call him by his name instead of it and so much easier to plan and buy things for.

  14. I have 2 boys and never found out with either of them.
    I’d guessed they were both going to be boys so it would have been a shock if they’d been girls. I love a surprise and feel let nature be! If you find out the sex, you then name it and then there is only the weight to be told, but hey that’s only my opinion!

  15. I had twins & thought it would be easier to prepare knowing the sex but when they were born they were much smaller than expected so the other half still had to dash to the shops for teeny baby grows which only came in white.

  16. I found out the sex of my little boy now three , because i was soo excited and really could wait to find out! With my next baby im going to wait till i meet him or her and have that surprise 🙂

  17. I didn’t find out the sex, enjoyed the element of surprise! (colour neutral nursery was a bit of a pain though!)

  18. I found out with both my boy and girl whilst pregnant. It’s a nice surprise even if you find out early, and also more practical, as you can do the pink or blue thing!

  19. I didn’t want to know what I was having whenever I had scans, but I always knew deep down that I was having a girl. Even before I was pregnant!lol

  20. i found out both times although they weren’t positive second time round so i did buy neutral clothing…avoided the pink (as they said it was a girl) but i did have a girl!

  21. I knew the sex of both my children in my heart. I didnt want or need to ask I trusted my instinct and I was right.

  22. after many years of trying we were that over the moon that i was actually pregnant i did not want to know the sex of him before he was here lol

  23. We’ve gone for the surprise both times and are so glad we did although we seem to be in the minority! We really enjoy guessing, picking neutral clothes (if we can find any!) and choosing a boys name and a girls name!

  24. I didnt find out with either of mine never crossed my mine too as it felt like unwrapping the present before christmas. I found lots of cute unisex things online.

  25. I didn’t want to know the sex of either of my 2 children, we had our son first and was hoping for a daughter, as we only wanted 2 children, and we got a girl. I loved the not knowing and the guessing.

  26. I found out the sex with all 3 of my children as I wanted to be prepared for when they arrived, with my 3rd son they lady was unsure so we did end up buying lots of unisex stuff just in case we had a girl xxx

  27. I didnt find out with any of mine, and we have three. All suprises – and it means name choosing was fun. Also meant not having to buy much as all the family went wild as the babies were born. We have two girls and a boy.

  28. I found out the sex of my daughter i had her room finnished before she came into the world i felt very prepared and more at ease that things where done and ready for her arrival 🙂

  29. The first two had their legs crossed and I could not find out the sex but I found out the sex of my third one and will for any in the future simply because I cant bare to wait. I get too excited. I had three girls.

  30. I didn’t find out on my first child as i wanted a surprise but i did find out on my 2nd……don’t know if i would find out if i had another…..its very tempting but the surprise is better

  31. Not the first time. It was quite hard too, being limited to unisex clothes and this was back in 2000! I had a daughter and I remember her being dressed in blue quite a bit.

    When she was born, finding out the sex really wasn’t that important,after labour and birth I was just happy to have a healthy baby. So I found out the sex for the second, and my twins during pregnancy, and it was so much easier.

  32. I wasn’t going to ask the sex but I had to have another scan about 32 weeks, it was around the time we were decorating the nursery and we were undecided over the colours to choose. We didn’t like yellow and other colours seemed too boyish or too girlish. Seems a silly reason for asking but glad I did as we could get really organised before he came along.

  33. I think its a terribel shame that shops rarely stock unisex baby clothes. I didn’t know what sex my baby would be as the scan pictures simply weren’t clear enough. One of the greatest delights of the last stages of my pregancy was buying tiny items of clothing. It made all the discomfort and heaviness feel worthwhile.

  34. i didn’t want to know with any of my four ,much more exciting on the day . i had three boys and one girl,would’nt change a thing or a second,happy happy and very blessed.

  35. I always said that I wouldnt want to know but when I was asked the question on my scan, I couldnt resist and found out I was having a little girl x

  36. I found out the sex of my daughter as it was January and stocked up in the sales so I was ready and prepared when she was born.

  37. No when i had my fiorst two babies they didnt give you the option to find out they asked when i had my third and i said no .

  38. I found out the sex of both my children. My first born was a boy, which was no surprise, as all children born on my husbands side of the family for the last 70 years have been boys! My second pregnancy scan revealed I was having a girl! The first for 70 years – needless to say, she gets very very spoilt

  39. I never found out with any of mine. i had 2 boys one in 2007 and one in 2008. when i fell pregnant in 2010 we were convinced it was another boy. the pregnancy and the way i carried was exactly the same. i was so shocked when hubby told me it was a little girl i had to make him re check, i wouldnt have wanted to find out before hand for all the money in the world x

  40. We didn’t find out with either of our children – nine months of wondering – then the most fantasic surprise – one of each

  41. my first child i didnt want to know,but whilst at a sizing scan they told me ” baby boy was a little small for age”.i was so upset,cried all the way home.Next 2 we wanted to know,just to be a bit organised

  42. Hi
    Yes I found out at my scan, as I wanted to be able to prepare. Plus it would have driven me nuts not knowing lol!

  43. We found out the sex, it was definately more practical when it came to buying clothes and i feel it allowed the other half to bond with my bump more knowing he was having a son. I am pregnant again and we will definately be finding out, 20 weeks wont come quick enough!!

  44. We found out but that’s because we had lost ‘bump”s big brother at 21 weeks just 5 months previously and I needed to prepare emotionally if this one was to be another boy – which he was 🙂
    Having said that, if I ever fall again I’ll certainly find out… I’m too much of a control freak not to lol! mx

  45. Hi yes i found out the sex for both of my children. My first child i found out on my 20 week scan, alittle girl. But on my second i just couldnt wait i was just so excited i had a 4d scan at 18 weeks to find out i was having a boy. Feel so luckly to have one of each.
    If i was to ever have any more children id still want to no then that way you can get nursey and clothes for the right sex other wise everything is white and yellow for the first few months.

  46. I didn’t find out the sex of my baby until she was born. The midwife, however, was convinced we were having a boy (she was a beautiful girl!).

  47. We didnt find out the sex of my first two – they turned out to be a boy and a girl – however i am 30wks pregnant now and we know this little one is a boy. We found out more for the advantage of my other two knowing whether they were getting a brother or sister 🙂

  48. I found out first time because everyone told me I was having a girl and I felt I was having a boy. I was right!

    Second time, they couldn’t tell at 20 week scan, but I had a late scan when they said it was 80% likely to be a girl. Again right and it was I thought too. Interestingly, we had a private nuchal scan at 12 weeks and the woman said she thought from looking at the tubule formation that it was “possibly” a girl. (Again, I had already thought that).

    I loved knowing.

  49. My partner is having our second child this august and we are waiting until the big day to find out, it doesnt matter what sex the baby is, main thing is health. Either way the baby will be loved the same

  50. yes i found out at my scan. I didnt mind what i had and didnt think they would actually tell me as i am Asian but they did.

    It was lovely to be able to refer to the baby as him rather than “it” !!

  51. I did find out, but as a midwife I’ve delivered a few ‘wrong’ gendered babies so aside from one blue outfit all the rest was neutral and unisex just incase a little girl popped out

  52. I found out the sex of both of my daughters when I was pregnant, purely to make it easier to organise things.

  53. We didnt find out with our first but had a 4d scan with our second in 2007. If we had anymore we have decided already that it would be a surprise!

  54. I did find out with my daughter – I’m not fond of surprises, I’m just not patient enough!! I couldn’t consider not finding out

  55. No I didn’t find out! Liked the element of suprise. This was 2008 and I struggled finding nice unisex clothes too.

    Saw some lovely unisex stuff in the Disney Store the other week though 🙂

  56. I found out the sex, i felt like it was a boy and it was confirmed at 20 weeks 🙂 Was too impatient not to know and i dont like surprises lol

  57. Number 1 son was a complete surprise but at 6 months, I was in suspected early labour with my second pregnancy & during a scan to check things were OK, we found out we were having another boy.

  58. I did not find out with my first two as I wanted that surprise and the moment of “It’s a ….!”
    With my third, my eldest son was so obsessed about having another little sister, I thought we better find out and took him to the scan with me so he could see for himself that he was due a little brother.
    Great opportunity to treat the family at Tesco if lucky to win

  59. Ooooh, how I wanted to know. After a rough pregnancy it feels like I had a million scans. Every time I looked hopefully between the spindly legs. And every time they couldn’t see. Everyone and his wife guessed at a boy though, midwives and scanners included.

    And then out popped a 9lb bouncing baby….. girl.

  60. My darling bundle of joy is now 19 and finding out the sex of your baby was unheard of, well it was where I was living at the time. I would have loved to have found out though, it would have allowed me to plan more and spend, spend, spend LOL x

  61. I only have one child and did find out that he was a boy while pregnant. Even though I was scanned 3 times and told 3 times that he was a boy, I still bought neutral clothes just in case. They were right though – he was a boy!

  62. i never found out with either my two boys, i think it ruins the whole ‘ Its a boy or Its a girl’ moment, second time round i knew i was having another boy, the sickness for 9 months and cravens for dairylea and cheesey biscuits where the same as with first, but i wouldn’t change any thing.

    all the best

  63. I found out with my first pregnancy as I am so impatient and I LOVE to plan!!

    My second pregnancy I was pregnant with twins and I could not wait to find out again!! Got a private scan at 17 weeks!

  64. I didn’t find out with my first, mainly because wasn’t allowed (hes 10 now!). Did with the second and third though, 2 more boys! I am hopelessly impatient and if we did have anymore then I doubt very much I could hold out 40 weeks!

  65. We specialise in organic baby and children’s clothes. Our best selling baby grow is in fact our unisex baby grow whether they don’t want to find out or already know if it is a boy or girl:
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