Review: JML Pampered Toes :: Heaven!

So a while ago Fuelmyblog were asking for reviewers of DS1ML’s new Pampered Toes, being pregnant and having lovely sore swollen feet alot of the time I put my hand up and as you can see from the picture on the right got picked to give them a try!

As a woman I am prone to commiting that terrible sin that is squashing our feet into ill fitting tight shoes, all in the name of fashion! At the end of the day when you take them off your feet feel horrible and stiff and generally sore to walk on.

Convieniently my pampered toes package arrived the day I had walked over 3 miles with my Dad round the local Royal Park, so I collapsed on the sofa and immediately popped these onto my toes. Initially it felt quite odd, stretching your toes out like that, but after about 5 minutes I started to notice my feet weren’t aching anywhere near as much and by 10 minutes they felt great and relaxed!

The Pampered Toes is made from a cool flexible gel which spreads and realigns your toes meaning that they relax and go back to where they should be 😉 I’ve got to say my feet felt fantastic afterwards and when I got up to make dinner there was none of that achy feet feeling which you usually get! If I hadn’t have known better I wouldn’t have known my poor feet had been on an epic walk that day!

Due to the plastic texture you can use them just chilling on the sofa or even in the bath! I think thats the next thing I’ll be trying!!

One size fits all for Men and Women and priced at a very reasonable £9.99 they are definitely worth treating yourself too!

You can purchase the Pampered Toes from DS1ML Direct Online.

Disclosure: Product received free for purpose of review.


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