25 weeks :: Being stubborn!

Well as regular readers will know last Saturday I got the keys to my new place. This has of course meant I have been wanting to get stuff in there as much as possible! And one thing I am is extremely impatient. If I want something done and someone’s not around to help then I’ll blinking well do it myself. Naughty I know! But I have been good, some boxes that really are too heavy I have had to leave but if I can lift it and it doesn’t hurt then I’m doing it! I’ve had my parents collecting things from freecycle and stuff, I’ve had my brother doing lots of heavy lifting, L has been helping me get things in order and carry a giant sideboard in that I brought on ebay and is coming in very handy due to the lack of storage at the new place, not even an airing cupboard!

Pregnancy wise everything is still ticking along fine. I have brought myself a Count the kicks wristband but at the moment he has been so active I haven’t needed to really use it. Having said that he was very quiet for a couple of days so I was thankful for my monitor and whacked it on before bed a couple of times and he soon started giving it a good kicking so all is good.

This coming week I’ve got my glucose intolerance test. Not happy that I have to have original lucozade! Hate the taste of the stuff but needs must I guess. Hoping it comes back negative obviously but in many respects wont be surprised if it comes back positive.

I’m not seeing the Midwife still for another two weeks as you see them so much less in te 2nd pregnancy it seems! I’m seeing my GP before then though and probably my consultant too although I need to call him.

It looks like I’m not going to have to fork out on a buggy as it would seem I am going to be having a lovely brand spanking new one to review which is awesome! Next thing once I’m all moved into the flat will be sourcing the cot I have decided on. Its a co-sleeper cot as I co-slept with J except he was in my bed so this time around I want them to have their own space. And hopefully it will make my life easier when it comes to breastfeeding and such.

I’ve found the weather this week much easier to handle as its been more breezy and cool although I have to say I would definitely be happier if it rained between now and July!


3 thoughts on “25 weeks :: Being stubborn!

  1. Great news on the buggy front. Glad you are leaving those heavy boxes alone though i still think you need to rest up a little. Moving house sent me into early labour so be good xx

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