Review: Cat’s Best ÖkoPlus Clumping Litter

A few weeks ago we were sent a box of Cats Best OkoPlus Clumping Litter to review. I tend to use clumping litter anyway as I find it is easier to deal with and I find it lasts longer but I was shocked when I discovered that this litter could remain in the tray up to six weeks without any odours. So did it work? Well I can’t remember how many weeks it has been now (baby brain) but so far I’ve not needed to empty the trays or change the litter simply just top up as required from what has been removed.

The litter itself is natural and 100% organic, it is both compost-able and biodegradable so great for those who are concerned about the environment. It is also considerably lighter than some of the other clumping brands I have used and I didn’t feel like my arm was dropping off carrying it up the stairs. 

The only downside I have found to this product has been the mess it has made around the litter tray! Possibly because of how lightweight it is I suspect but I’ve found the cats have managed to cover the floors with it! At times more than seems to be in the tray! But then again my cats aren’t overly clean normally anyway!

Another added bonus with this product is that you can flush it down the toilet if your local area allows it in the pipes but it is worth checking with your local council first.

You can buy the litter from starting at £3.99 for a 5L bag.

Would I continue using it? Definitely. I’ve saved loads of money by not having to buy litter almost every other week, I’ve not needed to trapse to the supermarket and carry a heavy bag of litter home, and as an added bonus it is eco friendly! What more could you want?


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