Observations of pregnancy :: Week 28

So I’m now 28 weeks pregnant and the bump is quite considerable now, as you can see from the image. And clearly people are going to notice it now and from that I’ve observed a few things.


Men can’t stop staring at my chest. Yes they are boobs. Yes they are quite big now. No you do not need to lere at my chest I’m a pregnant woman for petes sake!


Having a bump means people seem to think you can’t carry anything, even the lightest of things! Hello I’m pregnant not ill!


People seem to think its perfectly acceptable to tell you how “big” your looking, aka FAT! You don’t say that to a non pregnant woman do you? So why say it to someone who is! Doesn’t mean I don’t still have a complex about my changing body!


With a second pregnancy you are no longer of importance to your midwife who shrugs everything off that “you know it already”, uh maybe I do but that was 4+ years ago! I can’t remember if its fecking normal!


Midwives also expect you to read the mind of your consultant and know all the answers!


Your notes are irrelevant, the midwife will still act shocked when you tell her you have two uterus’ and your having a c-section, even though its clearly stated IN THE NOTES!


Moving house when your 28 weeks pregnant, exhausting! Don’t do it!


Those bottles they give you to pee in, all well and good if you can actually see that area of your body!


Trainee midwives? They like to cover you in your own blood when doing your blood test and dramatize small things.


When you log on and read something that makes you see that somewhere along the line someone has understood what it is your trying to do you cry, so says the girl that doesnt cry! (Incase you think I am mad see below for what I’m on about!)

Yep, that would be right, I’ve made it as a finalist in the Mad Blog Awards, tbh when I saw everyone saying how overwhelmed they were on twitter about making the finals I was a bit like “Ho hum big deal that I’ve made it” and then when I read the actual description and realised that my goals and what I’m trying to achieve has come across I was thrilled! Its made me see that all my blogging isn’t for nothing!

So if you feel kind enough to vote for me, I would appreciate it, but I also understand that your busy and wont have time … who says I have no confidence or self esteem! 😉

MAD Blog Awards 2011


5 thoughts on “Observations of pregnancy :: Week 28

  1. Haha you are so right about all of them but esp the bit about MWs ignoring stuff in your notes and the pots to pee in!
    I also feel your pain at moving house whilst pregnant…Im moving this week, relocating at 37 weeks – tired is not even close!!!

  2. Oh look at your bump! I miss being pregnant. I do not miss, however, peeing all over my hand before seeing the midwife as the THIMBLE they give you to do the job is quite frankly, useless. I also do not miss incompetent midwives. And I too moved house well into my pregnancy (I was 38 weeks), yes it’s exhausting, no it’s not advisable.
    Congratulations on being a finalist – now for more self-esteem!

  3. I know exactly how you feel! Peeing in those things is practically impossible! And the big comment, that really annoys me, especially since I’m bigger on this one than the other two. I know people don’t mean anything bad by it but no I’m still not THAT big yet you make me feel like I’m the size of a house, you idiots! Congratulations on the MADs! Oh and I just remembered I did move when pregnant too, although I was only 20 something weeks at the time. It’s exhausting when you’re not pregnant but even worse when you are! X

  4. Congratulations on your nomination!

    I also agree with your list of observations. I have a particular bugbear with strangers commenting on how big you are, grrrrr!

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