Review: Amanda Ursell’s :: Baby and Toddler Food Bible

With a little one on the way and a very fussy 4 year old I am always after recipes to try and encourage him to eat healthier food! That and to check out the latest information on weaning as I’m sure it is not going to be long before I am up to my eyes in purrees and bibs!

Amanda Ursells book isn’t just recipes suitable for babys and toddlers it is also filled with advice on what nutrition a baby needs and when you should be looking at starting to feed them!

It is also filled with tips and suggestions on the way you should go about feeding. Including one thing I never really considered, creating a relaxing environment. How often do we rush about trying to do 100 things and one of those includes feeding the baby? Amanda talks about the importance of babys and children enjoying foods and helping them learn to enjoy different tastes.

What I liked though was the fact that Amanda also acknowledges the fact that not all mums have time to cook fresh meals all the time and sometimes we have to rely on supermarket alternatives and Amanda discusses the healthiest solutions to food on the rush!

Amanda also acknowledges that some people choose to bring their babies up on a vegetarian diet and so discusses this as well as food for pregnant and new mums.

Overall I found this book covered absolutely everything you need to worry about when it comes to feeding a newborn/child and as a parent.

Would I invest £11.99 in it? Definitely! It has so much information and a very balanced viewpoint! I can see myself returning to this time and time again over the next year!

Disclosure: I have a material connection because I received a product for the purposes of review, that I can keep. No payment was received.


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