Review: TNT (Tender Nipple Treatment) & C-Section Balm

The facts:

  • 100% Natural
  • 98% Organic
  • Contains Organic Baobab, Chamomile & Olive Oils

I was sent the TNT & C-Section Balm by BabyKind as unfortunately I am one of those lucky women whos boobs hurt the whole way through pregnancy and my milk comes in at around 20 weeks! So my nipples haven’t exactly been in their best shape! The TNT & C-Section Balm also appealed as knowing I am having a planned c-section I am going to make use of this post birth!

When using on c-section scars it is essential to use it only on healed scars. The balm will help reduce the appearance of scars and stretch-marks! For an extra effective result you can store it in the fridge and it is recommended that you massage it into the scar twice a day, I definitely plan on keeping mine in the fridge come the summer months!

When using it on those sore nipples you can use it both prior to birth and after! It is said to help strengthen nipples, weather or not mine are stronger I’m not sure but I’m sure I will find out in a few weeks time! TNT should be applied after you have breastfed and should be wiped away prior to the next feed.

It smells absolutely gorgeous and comes in a cute little glass jar. Usually I tend to find that organic skincare treatments etc are extremely expensive however for the size of the pot you get it is priced at a very reasonable £5.99. You can buy TNT & C-Section Balm from BabyKind’s online store.

Disclosure: I have a material connection because I received a product for the purposes of review, that I can keep. No payment was received.


One thought on “Review: TNT (Tender Nipple Treatment) & C-Section Balm

  1. I have used TNT before and it was brilliant.

    Unfortunately, Babykind are currently out of stock and do not know when/if they’ll be getting any more. I previously purchased the product from Little Green Earthlets, who no longer stock it.

    Any ideas where I may be able to get it from ?


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