29 Weeks :: Moving almost complete!

So we’ve had the keys to our new flat for over a month now. And I am sick to death of moving!

Originally my plan had been to move in within 3-4 weeks and then to spend the rest of the time before we hand back the old flat on cleaning it. However due to lack of motivation on my part and with Grandma breaking her toe and then my brother almost busting his I’ve been rather limited on assistance and obviously there is only so much a pregnant girl can do herself.

This week my mattress arrived, the only thing that has arrived brand new thanks to my Mummy!

This weekend my Mum and Dad will be taking in my cat as I’m paranoid as hell about cats and newborn babies so she will be coming back to me when the bump is older.

Tomorrow my Dad and Brother are coming around to move what I *think* are the last boxes to the new flat and to clear out the loft we have here.

By Sunday night Me and Preschooler should then be sleeping in our new flat! YAY!

Once we’re in we will then have just 7 weeks until bump arrives! It’s half term next week so have lots of things planned with Preschooler and Grandma as it will be our last school holidays with just one Grandchild!

7 weeks before bump arrives. It feels like ages away but I know it will fly by as I have so much going on in that time including spending a weekend with one of my best friends up north, the cybermummy weekend and of course my baby shower too! I know how quickly this is going to come around and its pretty damn scary really!

I feel like I’ve been pregnant ages now. Bump is getting bigger. Kicks are getting stronger. Heartburn is increasing. I’ve got pain in my hips and bum which I can’t differentiate from SPD and Sciatica!

When I saw my consultant last week he wasn’t hugely impressed that my next midwife appointment wasn’t for over a month and so has booked me in to see him before then. He also passed comment at the fact that many of my midwives I’ve encountered have made comments to trying a VBAC, as he said, it shows they don’t read the notes.

However seeing him was comforting as thanks to the midwives i was starting to doubt the date we’d have the section but he assured me he still wants to go ahead with 37 weeks due to my risk of early labour which would of course mean an emergency section, something we’d like to avoid at all costs!

It feels strange however knowing the date that my son is going to be born. Normally you have your due date and you know its going to be somewhere around then. I can designate it down the day and that feels odd. Although it makes it easier in the respect that arranging childcare for preschooler I know when I need it which is handy!


6 thoughts on “29 Weeks :: Moving almost complete!

  1. The girls were born by planned section at 37 weeks, it made things so much easier knowing. I had an awful crash section with JJ and a planned section with the girls and it was an amazing, different experience that I was able to be awake for and enjoy (sort of!). I hope this birth experience is a great one for you Hayley.

    Mich x

    1. Thanks hun. Yeah I’m hoping seeing as last time round I was so out of it I dont remember that this time I will be able to “enjoy” it a bit more and actually remember when he is born! x

  2. Wow it’s going so quickly! (Guess I don’t have to tell YOU that!). I’m so glad you are now moved and hopefully will soon be settled. It’ll make all the difference to you all.

    CSection-wise. It is odd isn’t, knowing exactly when baby will arrive? Taylor was born at 38 wks after a planned C-Section (another long story!) and certainly practical-wise ie having Kieran organised and everything planned was great. I thought I’d feel different after a CS as Kieran was born “normally” but it doesn’t matter does it – I was just so happy to have him here.

    Just try and take it easy (I know – easy said!) x

  3. I am so excited for our weekend together and then cybermummy its going to be great to get to see so much of you.

    Im so pleased the flat move is this weekend maybe then you can stop your best friend from stressing and slow down a little.

    Love you loads


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