Planning a C-section

You may remember a couple of months ago I wrote about my first session with the Birth Reflections Midwife (HERE) well today I saw her again. We had a good chat about all my different concerns before we went for a wander around the wards and theatre. Although its only been 4 years to me it had all changed a lot!

But other parts of it seemed familiar. We went up to labour ward first where the theatre that I will be having my section in is as well as HDU (High Dependency Unit). You always imagine labour ward to be really loud and to hear loads of women screaming but it was quite quiet up there today. We went and stood in theatre and the moment she opened the door memories came flooding back of J’s birth. Flashbacks I’ve not remembered in years. The room is so much smaller than I remember and with all the different people that will be in there on the day it felt surreal. We had a quick chat with the scrub nurses as well who told me about what it is like in there during a planned section.


After we went down to the postnatal ward to see where I will be once I am discharged off HDU. Its strange not much of it has changed really. A new coat of paint and thats about it. I also discovered that they no longer provide formula if you do need it and so you have to take your own in, although I plan to breastfeed

she has advised I take in some just in case. It reminded me that the ward is quite a depressing place and I so hope I don’t have to stay there more than 2 nights!

When we got back to her little room we discussed a birth plan. This was a new concept to me when it comes to c-sections as I believed it was a pretty medical set procedure kind of thing but it turns out its not! We discussed various issues such as birth partner, weather I want them or me to hold the baby first, attempting breastfeeding immediately, skin to skin, music to be played, weather I wanted to have a screen up or down. We’ve also detailed out my concerns around needles, complications and other issues.

It feels odd writing a birth plan for a section, it was something I never imagined in a million years. I guess it sounds such a set medical procedure, I was amazed that it could be “personalised” as such. Obviously I am glad it can be but at the same time it feels so alien.

So now I’m wondering, if you had/would have music playing when you gave/give birth, what would you have playing?


7 thoughts on “Planning a C-section

  1. My Daughter was born by planned section as she was breech, and refused to be turned. I spent the evening before she was born making a mix cd of all mine and my partners favorite tracks, not sure I paid much attention to the music on the day really but it certainly passed the time on a very nervous evening.
    Overall though the section was a pretty calm, positive experience (although quite weird at times)

  2. Oh I wrote a whole post about that. In the end, I only listened to one album, that was labour tho and aptly my favourite was “coming down” (she did not, she was right stuck and I had a C-section in the end). I listened to the full album (David Gray, an old one before he became famous), sang it and it made me so emotional. I never thought though that it would be my chosen music. It just happened.
    It’s great that they let you make a birth plan and give you choices, so important because with a c-section, one often feels powerless. I wish we’d have considered it because I would have loved to have had photos of daughter being born, but hubby didn’t think I wanted photos taken in theatre.

  3. I had C-sections with all four of my kids. Three were planned and we were given options for a birth plan…hubby even cut the cord. I vaguely remember the radio playing in the background but I cant remember what tunes. If I thought to choose music it would be something really chilled like sounds of nature, rain, waves crashing etc.

  4. Sounds like you get great prenatal care in the UK! So far I’ve only met 2 midwives and 2 different doctors. No talks of birth plans or anything. Certainly no talks of music playing lol. Here it feels pretty much like a production line . You hand in your sample after being weighed and waited for an hour or so. You get your blood pressure taken and a quick check of the belly. The question is everything ok is asked and if you don’t have any more questions you’re sent on your merry way. See you next time in a couple of months unless you think there’s something wrong and have to attend A&E in the meantime. Not great.

  5. I think it’s great that you’re being encouraged to write a plan for the section. It’s just going to help you to feel more in control of the situation, I reckon. I’ve wondered the same thing about music. I guess they’ve heard it all on the ward – gentle folk to heavy metal. I’d be concerned that I’d later go off whatever music I chose for it!

  6. My little girl is now 4 years old and I’m pregnant with my second child , due on the 1st of October.
    Due to a traumatic labour ending in an emergency c-section last time , I’m hoping for the go-ahead for an elective one this time.
    I’ve already discussed my concerns with the consultant but have an appt with the specialist MW on Wednesday who is going to try and persuade me that VBAC is the way to go 😦
    I’ve given it a lot of thought but know that an elective c-sec is the right choice for me.
    I hope they listen!

    Good luck ! XxxxX

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