7 Weeks to go

As of tomorrow it will be 7 weeks until I meet the baby that has been abusing my insides, hormones, body and mind! This time in 7 weeks I’ll probably be unable to sleep. Shitting it. I’m hoping to have preschooler sleeping at the flat with me so it will be one less thing for me to worry about as I’ll know he is with me, but it means arranging for someone to either stay or come over very very early on the Monday as we will need to be at the ward for 7/7:30am. But I know if he sleeps over with any of my friends I then definitely wont sleep because I’ll be panicking that he is ok!

The end feels like it is in sight now. I haven’t enjoyed this pregnancy like I enjoyed preschoolers. Probably because I’ve had so much else going on in comparison to preschoolers where at 17 weeks I did my GCSE’s and then enjoyed my ever growing bump! This time around I’ve been moving house, finishing off two OU courses, not least to say running around after a 4 year old!

I certainly haven’t bonded with this bump like I did with preschoolers and I detest when people randomly touch my bump without my permission! It even bugs me the amount preschooler wants to play with it, that and he is fascinated by “Mummys big boobies”. I’m not a touchy feely person and thankfully most friends respect that. Yet I can’t keep my


hands off my bump myself! Mainly because its just a comfortable place to rest my hands usually lol! That and its getting good for resting the laptop on and drinks etc!

My body has reacted differently this time round. With preschooler I did get stretch marks but they were all on my boobs and stomach. This time around they are on my hips and all up my thighs! Its nuts!

Fitness is the other thing frustrating me! I’m on strict instructions from my consultant to stick to gentle exercise… I don’t DO gentle! Swimming, walking, that isn’t stress relief?! Hammering it out on the treadmill or rowing machine, now THATS stress relief! I’m also all too aware that I’m going to have to wait 6-8 weeks to get back exercising post c-section, having said that at 6weeks post section I am doing a 5K however this will probably end up being a walk rather than run! Which I am GUTTED about. I looked at doing an 8K the same weekend but after talking with my logical thinking friend realised that actually that probably isn’t the greatest of ideas!

Physically I’m now getting to the uncomfortable stage. I’m getting worn out so easily, which is bugging the hell out of me! I’m back to being able to sleep for England and I’m struggling with frequent sciatic pains, I’m waiting for it to turn into full blow sciatica, I know one wrong turn/move and it will be!

The end is in sight, and exercise isn’t that far off.


3 thoughts on “7 Weeks to go

  1. How did I manage to be one the logical one lol. It’s been a up and down time for you. You have achieved so much. Let’s hope the birth will be the start of calmer times x

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